The 8 Great Benefits of Stretching Every Day

Be honest, everyone has at least been told a million times that stretching is good. But how often do you actually take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch? How much better would you feel if you did? Does stretching every day make a difference you can notice? The answer is yes, it does. Here are eight important benefits of stretching every day.

  1. Reduce Stress

The stress-reducing and calming effects of stretching are excellent ways to naturally combat stress. When you feel stressed, your muscles become tense. A lot of stress and tension builds up around the neck, shoulders and upper back. So try stretching out your neck, shoulders, and upper back to help naturally reduce stress.

  1. Prevent Injury

Whether you like it or not, as you get older, you get stiffer and less limber. But when you stretch, you can keep your muscles and joints active and mobile. Developing a healthy habit of stretching consistently is a great way to prevent injury.

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