5 Amazon Must-Haves for Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer is a fantastic time for sunny outdoor adventures with the family. Parents everywhere are stocking up for playtime during the day and frequent movie nights under the blanket fort. Whether you’re making your backyard into a summer paradise or taking your family on an adventure, a little pre-summer shopping is a great way to prepare for everything the sunny season has to offer. These are 5 Amazon Must-Haves for Summer Fun in the Sun.

The key to enjoying your summer is to stay open-minded and, most of all, packed for anything. Packing a single summer day-bag can help you stay prepared for any kind of summer fun, even if you’re staying home. Today we’re here to help you prepare the perfect collection of summer supplies for fun in the sun all summer long. Whether you have small children or energetic teens, every family should have these essential supplies, or your favorite alternatives, to stay safe in the sun and enjoy the best days of summer.


The first ingredient for any great summer adventure is your handy water bottle. In the summer sun. You’ve got to stay hydrated so the more water you can carry, the better. At the very least, have some water on-hand in case you find yourself running across the beach or howling at the top of your lungs and get a little parched.

The best kind of water bottle is the type with a filter built into the cap. This way, you can fill-up anywhere without worrying about water fountain or outdoor spigot cleanliness.


Never forget the sunscreen. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person and most of your adventures will be inside museums, restaurants, and aquariums, keep some sunscreen in your summer bag in the car. You never know when the perfect opportunity to walk down the beach, visit a water park, or explore an awesome summer Farmer’s Market will pop up.

And if you don’t need sunscreen, someone you know might. We all know what happens when our most enthusiastic red-headed friend forgets to bring their sunscreen, so be the sunscreen hero and always be prepared.


If you drive during the summer, shades are an undeniable must-have in your summer gear. Naturally, you want to be prepared in case your course takes you directly into the blazing sun. And if you’re packing a bag for the whole family, why not stock up on cool razor shades for everyone?

Sunglasses are a great way to ease the glare that comes with the hot summer sun. They’re perfect for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and outdoor explorations of all types. So whether you’re lounging on the beach or hiking up a mountain, shades are useful.


Wide-brimmed hats are as useful as they are fabulous for summer fashion. Straw hats with wide brims have existed for as long as we have enjoyed the summer sun. They were invented long before sunscreen or shades were even conceptualized. They shade your eyes and protect your nose, cheeks, and ears from serious sunburn. A wide enough hat can even protect your shoulders and neck from sunburn if you’re careful. So adding this fantastically stylish fashion statement to your summer adventure bag is both fun and practical for keeping out of the hot, hot sun no matter where you’re standing.


No summer adventure plans are complete without a few high-energy treats for summer snacking packed along with your shades. To keep your energy up on your escapades, you need healthy snacks that travel anywhere. Focus on snacks that are packaged for individual serving sizes that can be eaten with your hands without worrying about a mess.

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5 Amazon Must-Haves for Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer is a fantastic time for sunny outdoor adventures with the family. Parents everywhere are stocking up for playtime during the day and frequent...

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