4 Ways Moms can Socialize While Social Distancing

The past few weeks have probably been the longest most of us have ever spent at home other than the occasional grocery run here and there. For the super introvert its just life as usual, but for those of us who are really craving some social interaction right about now, it can be tough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the quarantine is being removed anytime soon so it’s time to get creative with our social interactions. Fortunately, if you are reading this you probably have access to Facetime, Skype, or Zoom, and that’s all you need to connect with a friend and do any of the following. So, check it out, here are 5 Ways Moms can Socialize with Moms While Social Distancing.

1. Facials and Rosé-all-day… or at least part of the day

Your family and especially kids probably won’t let you get away with rosé all day but you might be able to swing a rosé part of the day with your mom friends. And, there is no reason to stop at rosé, and don’t forget that facial mask you’ve been putting off. See, social distancing doesn’t have to be boring or not social.

2. Choose a hot steamy new book to read and discuss

If you have ever wanted to start or join a book club, there is no better time, seriously. Put together a list with a few friends and choose a book to read. After each chapter or a few chapters, schedule a video call to discuss and share thoughts on the book. So quite being socially distant and start distant socializing.

3. Wine and dine, virtually of course

Sometimes us moms simply deserve a nice glass of wine. So, schedule an hour or two with the moms, have everyone get their fancy wine glasses out and some cheese to munch on. Yes, string cheese is okay in these dire times. If there is a must on this Ways Moms can Socialize While Social Distancing list, this is it.

4. Have a self-care yoga session together

Our ratio of exercise to calorie intake is getting pretty questionable these days. So, it’s probably a good time to do some yoga, burn a few calories, and clear your mind. If one of your friends can lead the session, great if not there are plenty of youtube videos to follow along as a group.

See moms, there are still plenty of ways you can socialize with your friends. So, stop wasting time, light up that group chat and get one of theses Ways Moms can Socialize While Social Distancing on the calendar!

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