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30 Vintage Photos Of Parenting That Would Not Fly Today

The way parents used to discipline and interact with their children is something that we don’t really see now-a-days. The recent modern approach of parenting has created a lot of controversy within parents and families. Which approach is the right one? Well, all we have to say is take a look for yourself, you might find some actually comical!


1. The Beer Baby

We have all heard of our grandparent’s reminiscence about how their generation was far more brutal and strong than ours can be. I have heard old people refer to our generation as weak and puny and overdramatic and their generation as strong. This beer gulping baby completely depicts how strong and hardcore the old days war. And he’s holding an actual gator.



2. Not The Safest

We all know that the best of emergency services did not exist back in the day, you just had to make do with what you had. There were not proper seat belts as can be seen from this picture of a really scary chair lift. I don’t understand how they got this child to sit on this chairlift.

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