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25 Awesome Water Parks For The Family

Even though summer has been over for a while with people going back to school and regular routines, some places in America still feel like summer. So, this warm weather makes us think of water parks and having fun under the sun. Here are 25 water parks that will make you ready to pack your swimsuit!


Legoland Water Park

British Mums

This water park in Dubai brings the Legolands you built as a child come to life, a.k.a anyone’s dream come true! Since Lego toys are marketed towards children, the park has more attractions for kids. However, that doesn’t mean that the adults can’t have just as much fun!



Holiday World

These theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana takes you on a journey through the prehistoric world. This park has every type of water attraction imaginable: wave pool, a relaxing river, and huge water slides, jostling rapids, and a humongous rollercoaster (or two!) They even have dry attractions so you can dry off.

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