21 Baby Toys That Parents Will Want To Play With Too

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Who said parents can’t have fun playing with baby toys? If a parent will have fun with the toy it’s a sure sign the baby will too. Check out these 21 Baby Toys That Parents Will Want To Play With Too on Amazon.com!

1. While training them for family Jenga tournaments in the future, the weird-looking stackable spheres also balance a baby’s first physics lesson.

Stacking these up is fun, however, knocking it down is even more fun. Without a doubt, these colorful stacking spheres will keep your baby entertained.

2. The atomic toy meant for babies that are teething and for grasping that looks like an actual building block of life.

Because of how the Manhattan Toy Atom Rattle & Teether looks like, you will fall in love with it if you’re a “science nerd” parent.

3. A magic cube for children to compose and remix some classical masterpieces of Mozart is what a “Rock Me Amadeus” is.

Any combination of instrument sounds can be added or subtracted from eight works of Wolfgang A.M. It is a very classy and classical beats lab for a baby.

4. A bath time activity center that has spinning wheels and “Googly Eyes” that turns your tub into a water park.

With the Yookidoo Baby Bath Spin ‘N’ Sprinkle Water Lab, you can add “science” to tub time.


5. A set of sushi toys that will serve as a reminder to mom for all the raw fish she could not take during her pregnancy.

The Fisher-Price Rice ‘n Roll Sushi Set is the best way to start establishing your child’s taste bud.

6. A puppy that you don’t need to take outside for a walk ever and it sings, wags its tails and flaps its ear.

This puppy is every parent’s dream because they don’t have to take care of it!

7. A colorful caterpillar that can increase the motor skills of your child (while not seeing the whole not-being-a-butterfly-yet thing as a big deal).

The Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy that looks so rock-simple but it is all you need to bring out all the fun.

8. A racecar ramp that fulfills any need for speed and is not too fast or furious.

The Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower “encourages sensory development, fine and gross motor skills,” we just want to watch things GO sometimes!

9. A piano that can be played by babies with both hands and feet and has very nice songs that you can sing even when there’s no music playing.

10. By sticking letters and numbers that are chewable to the side of the tub, 123s and ABCs are able to transform the normal bath time of your child to a Math Jamboree or a splashy Spelling Bee.

This super-soft bag of Munchkin 36 Bath Letters and Numbers helps with learning and teething.

11. Listen, you had us at Truck! This toy helps in reinforcing problem-solving and motor skills in a positive way.

12. A mountain made of stackable rings that are surrounded by a sliding purple bear and a sliding blue bear and is a combination of counting and colors with problem-solving skills.

It’s not just about introducing your child to geology with The Fisher-Price Stack & Slide Magic Mountain, it’s more about learning by sacrificing a plastic bear that is filled with rattling crystal inside it to a happy-looking volcano.

13. A very cheap way for children to practice matching and sorting and for parents to work on their puns is an eggcellent toy.

But, this carton of eggs is a sure winner.

14. A musical instrument that comes with a rocking red fox and two buzzing bees has an animal and insect-theme meant for your baby to start his or her first band.

We’re claiming the Fox and The Bee as our family band name!

15. With a sports center, you and your kids are inspired to get off your couch and actually go out and play together.

With sports becoming so competitive these days you got to start your kids young. The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center has a basketball hoop, soccer goal, football goal post, and gears.

16. There’s a total Beetlejuice-vibe that the stacking ring set has that encourages STEM learning.

Tim Burton style but for babies.

17. A bright and bumpy ball that is made up of materials to help babies develop their sense of touch and for parents to throw around.

18. To serve as an encouragement for your child to crawl and maybe even clean up after themselves, we have a musical, ball-spitting dinosaur.

This Pop Dino is just like the Hungry Hippos but perfect for a baby.

19. A walker for sitting and standing that uses a cordless phone to bring together a combination of a piano, farm songs, and other sounds.

You kid could learn to walk with grandma’s walker but this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker would be way cooler.

20. To help develop the hand-eye coordination of your child and also a healthy mistrust of swamp reptiles, you need an activity walker.

Crocs are vicious animals but Baby toys and apparel make gators and crocs cute. We don’t know why either, but we do know that these crocs are cute.

21. To bring about the “hammer time” concept and relieve a great deal of stress, you need the baby activity toy station.

Giving a little child a toy hammer to whack some balls down a ramp may not be a good idea. What can we say, it’s an amazing toy.

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