14 Trendy Desk Decor Pieces to Complete Your Home Office

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Complete your home office with these 14 trendy desk decor items.

1. Keep books organized with these elegant white and gold pineapple bookends

2. Have this desktop Tic Tac Toe handy for a quick game with the kids when they want to hang out while you work

3. Adding green to your work area is supposed to increase creativity, so do it with these succulents

4. A modern LED brass lamp for those late nights


5. A desk calendar so you don’t always have to check your phone for the date



6. 40 cool letter board icons to add to your motivational messages

7. This faux fiddle leaf fig plant just because it’s awesome

You guess right, this is our favorite desk decor item on the list!

8. Plan your next vacation from your desk with this black and white globe

9. Hang notes and cute family photos on this gold grid wall organizer with clips


10. Trendy hexagon cork bulletin board tiles since hexagons are way cooler than squares

11. Wooden push pins to replace those uninteresting plastic ones and use on your new hexagon cork boards


12. A wooden pencil cup and phone stand to make sure you can watch TikTok videos while working

13. This white wood desktop storage unit to organize all the stuff you probably should’ve thrown in the trash already

14. A neat calendar board to make sure you don’t miss important dates

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