10 Ways Having a Narcissist Parent Plays Out for Adult Children

“Narcissist” is a term you hear a lot, usually applied to a boss, a politician, or spouse. But what if your parent was narcissistic? That can have lasting effects you may not even be aware of until well into adulthood. Here are 10 ways being brought up by a narcissistic parent impacts a person:


You Have Low Self Esteem

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Sure, it sounds like a quick-read bit of psychobabble. But narcissists are incapable of seeing anyone, even their offspring, as individuals with feelings and needs. Instead, they view their kids as competition that must be squelched. Narcissistic parents constantly put their children down. This demeaning parenting style may involve a constant stream of “humorous” insults, unreasonable demands, or never noticing any success their child achieves. Often, this constant attempt to lower a kid’s self-esteem works.


You Don’t Know How You Feel

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Everyone has days when they don’t know what takeout to order or can’t choose an outfit. But adults who were brought up by narcissists aren’t just indecisive when it comes to making decisions. They honestly might not know how they feel. When your parent spent most of your childhood reinforcing the message that your emotions and ambitions were unimportant, even laughable, you start not knowing how you feel. As an adult, you may get glimpses of your emotions, but then quickly tamp them down.

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