10 Mother’s Day Gifts That You’ll Want to Buy for Yourself

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (this Sunday to be exact), everyone is buzzing around trying to find a perfect gift for mom. So perfect, they might buy a second one for themselves. Here are Mother’s Day Gifts That You’ll Want to Buy for Yourself.

1. Fondue Pot

More love for the foodie moms. This fondue pot is perfect for cheese and chocolate, and other sauces. Have a treat with mom and you’re sure to be her favorite kid.


2. Bath Bombs

Speaking of relaxation, what better way to enjoy a nice bath than with some cool bath bombs. This gift set includes 12 bath bombs that moisturize dry skin and are great for when Mom just wants to unwind. You might find yourself adding a second one to your cart yourself.

3. Assorted Chocolates

If your Mom is a foodie, then this assorted chocolate gift box may be right up her alley (and possibly yours too).  Send Mom on a chocolatey getaway with Godiva truffles. You’ll have to control yourself and try not to snag one when she’s not looking.

4. Wine Rack

Plenty of moms love a good glass of wine to come down from a busy day of mothering. Treat Mom this Mother’s Day to this snazzy wine rack. And while you’re at, buy yourself one. Cheers!

5. Neck and Back Massager

For most moms, a day of rest of relaxation is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. With this neck and back massager, Mom can have a day of relaxation any time she wants. It’s even suitable for use on the entire body! Remember, a relaxed mom is a happy mom.

6.  Reusable Notebook

If your mom is one who likes to write, journal, etc., then this reusable notebook might is perfect for her! It is a smart notebook that allows you to write, scan, and save your notes, then erase and start all over. It’s an innovative and environment-friendly way of keeping track of day to day entries!

7.  Succulent Subscription Box

Moms with green thumbs, you’re up! These adorable baby succulents come two at a time with a monthly subscription. The plants come already potted and have many benefits, adding some razzle-dazzle to Mom’s space AND her life.

8. Echo Show

Stay connected to Mom and keep her (and yourself) up to speed with the Echo Show. It allows calling and video messaging, has voice control, and is powered by Alexa. It is a must-have for any techie mom.

9. Audiobooks

Moms are some of the busiest people on the planet. That being said, it’s hard to find time to sit down and read a good book. Give Mom the gift of a good read with an Audible gift membership. The library is home to a plethora of audiobooks of all genres. Mom can download and listen while driving or while cooking dinner. Maybe add a membership for the bookworm in you too!

10.  Women’s Fitness Book

Getting back in shape is something most, if not all, moms want. Whether their babies are 9 months old or 9 years old. This fitness book has tons of information on fitness specifically for women. It contains everything from nutrition to specific exercises and their yielded results. It’s a perfect gift to help motivate and get mom back on the path to reclaim her body.

Gifting one of these items to Mom is sure to have her singing your praises for the rest of the year. Even if they’re too good not to buy an extra one for yourself to enjoy right alongside her. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas!

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