Top 10 Best Seller Books in Motherhood on Amazon

These are the Top 10 Best Seller Books in Motherhood on Amazon. Read and enjoy!

1. One Day In Summer: The perfect summer read for 2020 from Shari Low

Promising Review – “Loved this book, was so desperate to know how it all worked out, I read it within 2 days! Love how characters from previous books were linked in! Highly recommend this book, laughed, cried and laughed some more. Love how Shari’s books have a Glasgow base feels like it’s real life as I know the places! Can’t wait for the next book!…” – Tracy T

2. Wild Game: My Mother, Her Secret, and Me

Promising Review – “This extraordinary memoir resonated with me on several levels– As a literature major, psychoanalyst and daughter of a beautiful narcissistic mother, as well as the difficult entanglements that ensued in my own life. Adrienne nails it all and so beautifully. My only objection is that I read it in two sittings and I’m at a loss now…” – Bonita Reader

3. Narcissistic Mothers: How to Handle a Narcissistic Parent and Recover from CPTSD (Adult Children of Narcissists Recovery)

Promising Review – “I’m not a person who reads self help books or anything like this, so hear me out. Never has a book brought forth so many emotions within myself. Reading this book- the clarity, descriptions/definitions, and examples- all make perfect sense. I’ve always felt empty and alone inside and never understood the reason WHY I felt that way. This book puts into perspective the cause behind those feelings and some…” – Angela C.

4. Untamed: Stop pleasing, start living

Promising Review – “By page 16, I’d already sobbed, laughed, sobbed, reconsidered who I am, how I live my life, and what I’m doing next, and cried again. So much fire lit. This is a masterpiece. Thank the universe (and Glennon) it published now. Lord knows we need this now. It is already one of my top favorite books ever, and I read a lot. Like, a LOT…” – Anna S.

5. In the Country of Women: A Memoir

Promising Review – “This is such a fullsome book, I feel inadequate to review it. Instead, I’ll react to it. First of all, it’s not a memoir in the classic sense. It doesn’t read like a novel, moving somewhat sequentially through time, or even sequentially with flashbacks. Chapters go from descriptions of present day life to retrospectives on Susan’s past and the rearing of her daughters, to fact-packed chapters on her ancestors and those of her husband, straight out of All of this is beautifully drawn, compelling. Straight is a master of understated but rich description…” – Lynne M.

6. Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

Promising Review – “A fascinating account of Rosemary’s life, attitudes within her family towards disability and the public perception of disability within the times Rosemary was alive. Thankfully, attitudes improved but it highlights the struggle, the perceptions which pervaded these times, the lack of provision and the extreme difficulties presenting to all families who required understanding, care and hope for their learning disabled children/ adults. An insight too into the whole Kennnedy family and, though sketchy at times, it is an insight…” – Mrs M. Mulloy

7. Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong–and What You Really Need to Know

Promising Review – “This book was amazing. It was factual, it had a TON of national/international research studies to better help you (or whomever is pregnant) make an informed decision about what to eat, drink, which meds are okay, labor, and delivery…” – Whitney

This is or favorite on the Best Seller Books in Motherhood list.

8. Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide (The Positive Parent Series)

Promising Review – “This is a great book! I recommend it for every parent. I love that it begins with working on ourselves, as we cannot improve as parents, if we have not improved our own bad habits. Learning to retrain my brain from everything I learned growing up in a home where yelling was the way to express anger, and get your point across. Love this book!…” – Tesslyla

9. Every Little Secret: An addictive psychological thriller packed with suspense

Promising Review – “Another gripping, thought provoking book by this author. Do we ever know the truth about the person we share our life with? And if not the devastating consequences of finding the truth are beyond traumatic and something no one thinks about even in their darker moments. Are the characters villains or victims? The reader decides because the answer depends on the experiences of each one…” – Thalya

10. Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy

Promising Review – “Jamie. You have completely wrecked me. I just finished your book, and I’m sitting here crying. AGAIN. I have lost track of how many times you made me cry. I need the Introverted Moms Manifesto on my wall where I can read it every. single. hour…” – T.G.

So, which of these Best Seller Books in Motherhood are you going to read first?

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