The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Decorations For Under $10 From Target

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Valentine’s day is always a great holiday to pump the kids up for. It doesn’t come with the dreaded visits from your in-laws, nor does it require two month’s worth of shopping crammed into two days. Valentine’s day is a chance to spend quality time with your kids and family and do something fun. Check out The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Decorations Under $10 From Target to sprinkle a little extra love on your Valentine’s day!

1. This cute Valentine’s Felt Heart Wreath Perfect to hang on the kid’s bedroom door

Show you love them even more than they already know.

2. If your feeling fancy fill a Vase on the dining room table with these Shola Flower & Palm Vine Vase Fillers

Target never ceases to surprise. These Shola Flower & Palm Vine Vase Fillers are no exception to the rule!

3. Decorate the front door with this Heart-Shaped Olive Leaf Wreath

Wreaths don’t just have to be a Christmas thing. This heart-shaped wreath is honestly cute enough to use year-round!

4. Have a family movie night and serve hot cocoa in these I Love You and I Love You More Mugs

5. Surprise your daughter with this pink Pom Pom Standing Heart Valentine’s Mirror

6. Let the kids go crazy with these Valentine’s Stickers

7. Spread the love into your kitchen with these Tossed Heart Kitchen Towels

8. Surprise the family with breakfast-in-bed on this waffle heart plate

9. Be honest, is it even Valentine’s day without a tablecloth covered in hearts?

Besides, an extra table cloth around any holiday is always a good idea with messy kids around the home.

10. You + Me = Love Mug… Enough said

Target is the BEST, aren’t they? What was your favorite decoration on from these 10 Best Valentine’s Day Decorations Under $10 From Target? <3

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