2 Little Tips That Will Reduce Your Parenting Stress Big Time

Parenting advice is something readily available that people often give, whether parents want it or not. It seems like anyone who has ever seen a baby has an opinion on what is best for your child. The information can become overwhelming unless you learn the mantra, “Thank you for your input, I’ll keep it in mind.” However, too much advice can be a major source of parenting stress. If you find your life is full of stress, here are two simple pieces of advice that could help.

Always Be Consistent

The most important gift you can give your child is consistency. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. Be consistent builds a bond of trust between you and your child that will last for a lifetime. Remember, children learn by example. If your child sees you being consistent, they will want to follow that behavior, too.

However, there will be times when you are tired or anxious and will be tempted to change things up. But, no matter what you do, stay on course, because it will pay off later. Your child will listen to you better, and they will be more inclined to follow your lead. And that means much less parenting stress for you.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Another way to fight parenting stress is choosing your battles wisely. Remember to take the child’s age and developmental stage into consideration before interacting. This is especially true when you are angry. Also, if it’s possible to turn their mistake into a lesson, use the opportunity to teach rather than discipline.

For example, have them help clean up the mess they made to show them that all actions have consequences. So, no matter how upset you may be, take a deep breath and count to 10 before reacting. Speak clearly and calmly, and make sure your actions are appropriate.

Make Parenting Stress a Thing of the Past

These two habits will save you countless hours of aggravation, but this last bit will save your life. Repeat to yourself that rarely are things going to turn out the way you planned, and that’s perfectly okay. Don’t let the whisper of doubt hold you back. Laugh with your children, make memories with them, most of all, listen to them. As they become adults, you’ll realize that those are the only things that truly matter.

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