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New Year, New Me, New Attitude Toward Fitness

We all seem to start the new year off with lofty goals of creating a wide range of healthy habits we’re going to live by for the year. While these goals come from a good place, they can seem impossible given our busy schedules. Sometimes, after making dinner, putting the kids to bed, tidying up, and finishing any work for the day, accomplishing something for yourself seems impossible. You matter though, your fitness matters, and your new attitude matters, busy mom!

Your New Attitude Toward Fitness

Here are a few tricks for you to create a fitness routine for the new year you can actually stick with:

Establish a plan

This may seem obvious, but you need to create a plan in order for you to stick to your fitness goals. Decide how many days a week you want to workout, and how long. Keep in mind, working out does not have to be the traditional gym cardio. Find a few YouTube channels you like, and carve out just ten minutes a day if you can. You can always start to make your workouts longer, but don’t overwhelm yourself from the start!

Find a workout you like

Again, working out does not have to be limited to running on the treadmill. This is huge if you want to keep your new attitude toward fitness strong. If you love that, great! You might also enjoy lifting weights, yoga, Zumba, high-intensity interval training, kickboxing, or Pilates. YouTube will be your best friend when you’re first starting out and trying to find a workout format that you enjoy. Variety is also your best friend. Mix things up throughout your week. For instance, start with two days of cardio-based training, one weighted training, and one yoga. You can steadily build from there.

Bring a friend

We don’t mean actually working out with your friend, but you can if there’s a safe way for you to do so! We mean bringing a friend along for the ride. Accountability is a strong motivator, so knowing you have someone else on this journey with you will only make things easier. Talk to your friend about your fitness goals, your plan, and what routine you have scheduled for the day. Text your friend after you’ve finished. Make it fun.

Be flexible

With everything we’ve said about the structure and having a plan, you also want to make sure you allow for flexibility. It’s all about that new flexible attitude. If you give yourself a hard time whenever you’re unable to stick to your schedule, or feel anxiety if you have to move things around, then you’re doing your mental health a disservice. Make physical activity a priority in your life, but don’t let it run your life. If you miss a workout, it’s no big deal. Pick up where you left off whenever you can. Our schedules are all busy, and mental health is just as important as physical. Be kind to yourself and know you can do this.

Don’t forget to meditate

Also pertaining to mental health, remember that meditation is an important part of your daily routine. Use this opportunity to allow for a moment of quiet reflection at the end of your workouts. These don’t have to be guided or adhere to anything specifically, it is just a great way to empty your mind and reward yourself for what you’re accomplishing. If you enjoy guided meditations, though, YouTube can also help with that!

Just Walk

If you are unable to implement any of the above tips, focus on this one. This is OnlineMom’s top recommendation as you work on your new attitude toward fitness. Try and simply include some form of walking and movement each and every day. Walk around the block, march in place during commercials, anything! Getting a little movement in each day is better than killing yourself with an intense workout once in a while. Plus, once this becomes a habit, you’ll likely want to expand upon it and get your heart rate up! Your daily walking habit is a game-changer for your health.