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New Year, New Me: How to Refresh Your Enthusiasm

The new year is a time when we reflect on how the past year has gone and what we’d like to see in the year to come and create our new year, new me mindset. We reflect on what has happened, the changes in the last year, and how it could be made better. Most of all, we reflect on ourselves. We look inward and ask

“Have I been my best self?”

“Could I be an even better me in the year ahead?”

“Could I be proud of my progress to come this time next year?”

The answer to the last two questions is always a resounding “Yes!” if you embrace that fresh new feeling of the new year ahead of you. We all like to “start over” and tackle our goals anew in a new year. This year, let that goal be a new and better you. And the best way to achieve your new-year, new-you is to refresh your enthusiasm and face the new year head-on

Leave behind all the stress of the (pretty darn stressful) last year. Let go of any frustration you’re holding onto. Wipe clean any scores you’ve been keeping. Shake out your work stress. Let go of everything that was weighing you down and face the new year with the fresh face of someone who’s starting it all again for the first time.

Don’t worry if this sounds not-so-easy in the face of the last year we just finished. We’ve got the secrets for truly facing the world with fresh enthusiasm: Inspiration, meditation, perspiration, and optimism. When combined together with that new-year-feeling, anyone can refresh their mindset and achieve the personal growth you are ready to see in yourself this year.


Get inspired. We can’t say this more profoundly. One of the great things about the new year is that it helps you to see everything in a new light. Like turning on the light in a dark yet familiar room, suddenly everything around you is illuminated in the light of new possibilities. The world is still the same place it was a month ago, but your mind is somewhere new.

Find things that inspire you, both passively and actively. Rediscover the wonders of ocean life or the simple, incredible beauty of the plants in your garden. Climb a tree for the first time in decades. Walkthrough your home looking at ways you could make it even better. A new light there, a closet rod there might be exactly what you need to make life a little more pleasant (and organized) this year. Just talk to your relatives and friends, listening to their thoughts and feelings with a new light and new appreciation for their wonderful human selves.

Let the fresh insight from the new year lead you to a feeling of wonder and inspiration.


Where inspiration comes from the world around you, inner growth comes from studying your inner self as well. This year, resolve to finally get the hang of meditation. Most of just sit with our eyes closed and eventually get bored, but that’s not really what meditation is about. Meditation allows you to observe and even change yourself. How you sit and how you breathe aren’t as important as that deep inner reflection.

Take time this year to count your blessings, from the luxury of running water to the joy of good company. Lie in the bath and consider how you have been treating yourself and how you’ve been treating others. Make changes where you want to do better, or enhance the parts of yourself that are already up-lifting. Sit quietly on your porch in the evening and enjoy the sounds and smells that make you happiest. Pay attention to your morning self-talk and be kinder to yourself this year.


This year, pick one enjoyable thing that makes you sweat and do it all the time. Shake the dust off your bicycle in the garage. Get into taking a morning run, or just an evening walk. Become your dog’s best playmate or take up a backyard sport with your children. Teach yourself a new dance or just schedule a Saturday afternoon family dance-off every week. This year, find more active and joyful ways to move your body. Appreciate the mobility you have and the happy feelings that come from working up a healthy sweat.


Last but not least, practice looking at everything in a positive light, if not the best possible light. Hold onto the practicality you’ve learned over the many years of being a capable person, but let go of any negative thoughts that have formed patterns in your way of thinking. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Try to feel hopeful instead of dread when something unexpected happens. If you’ve taken on the first three steps, then optimism will come to you naturally, but also practice so that negative thoughts don’t’ slip in and spoil your bright new year.

This year, be your best self. Embrace your inner self, tackle your challenges with enthusiasm, and don’t forget to sweat. Have more great ideas for moms facing a new year? Share with the community!