Make These $1 Stocking Stuffers a Family Tradition

Stocking stuffers are how many families really put the cheer into holiday mornings. The very first thing the kids dive for is their name-embossed stockings stuffed with nuts, fruit, candy – and dollar store surprises. Every year, parents stock up early or sneak out to the dollar store at the last minute to find a few whimsical stocking toys that their kids have never seen before. Aunts and Uncles join in the game with hilarious or creative additions. Make These $1 Stocking Stuffers a Family Tradition.

The grown-up stockings are even more fun, with joke-gifts between grown siblings and in-laws to keep the laughs rolling as packages are unwrapped. From sticky gel-hands worthy of quarter-machine dispensers to some truly clever plastic spinner toys, we’ve seen it all. Dollar store stockings always make for a fun Christmas morning. But what about this year?

The good news is that even the dollar stores have made online shopping possible. Dollar Tree has a store-location based selection. You can rummage all those delightful stocking-stuffer surprises online.

The Candy Stuffing

Traditionally, stocking toys are buried inside an avalanche of nuts (fun to crack), favorite candies, and a few tangerines in a feeble attempt at holiday health. Everyone knows the dollar store is good for sacks of fun-sized candy, and the holidays are even better. There are holiday classics like candy canes, caramel, and peppermint bark mixed in with your kid’s favorite chocolates like snickers or Reese’s minis. We’re especially happy to spot the chocolate lumps of “coal” just for stocking-stuffing every year.

Santa Hats and Reindeer Horns

Pulling a candy-filled Santa hat of the stocking is always a great moment. Kids love to put on fancy hats for holidays (don’t we all?), and festive Santa hats are a great start. The Dollar Tree doesn’t stop at dollar-Santa-hats for everyone, though. You can choose from a variety of reindeer horns and elf ears accompanied by holiday light necklaces, scarves,  springy snowman headbands, and a great deal more. You can choose a different hilarious holiday headdress for every member of the family.

Fun Plastic Toys from the Treasure Trove

Dollar stores have always had the best variety of really inexpensive toys. And we mean variety. If you’ve ever perused a live Dollar Tree, you probably remember that their tiny plastic toy collection would rival a big name party store. From ping-pong paddles to parachute-men and everything in between. The really cool experience is finding treasures like spinner wands, zip-launch helicopters, slinkies, bubbles, and mini tether balls. The list is endless, and your kids will love the surprise of not knowing what toy they’ll unearth from the chestnuts and snickers next.

Brain Teasers

The true prize in every stocking is the brain teaser toy. Brain teasers challenge kids (and your grown relatives) to think outside the box. Puzzle boxes are a fantastic stocking stuffer, as are ring tricks, dominoes, packs of cards, and Rubix cubes. The Dollar Tree mixes it up with hilarious tiny games like pocket-pool combined with quality wooden brain toys for a wide range of ages. Games and puzzles are the memorable and lasting items in a stocking stuffed with candy, bubbles, and stickers.

Stuffing the Stockings with Online Shopping

The stocking stuffing tradition is an important element of Christmas morning. From the kids to the grownups, everyone enjoys finding a few dollar store surprises in their stocking. You might even catch your in-laws shooting zip-helicopters when present unwrapping is in full swing. Check out the Dollar Tree and other handy online stores ready to step up to online delivery when you can’t shop in person. Make These $1 Stocking Stuffers a Family Tradition.

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