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20 Silly Things that Married Couples Argue About

20 Silly Things that Married Couples Argue About
<h3>1. Dirty Dishes and Other Housekeeping Pet Peeves</h3> In many marriages, one spouse believes in order and cleanliness while the other spouse might be a slob. As a result, there will be disagreements about who should wash the dishes on certain nights or who needs to be more organized with the mail that comes to the house. This issue can be resolved by having an honest conversation about each other's pet peeves. You can also try to be more understanding of these and work on ways to do better in this area.

Marriage comes with joys and tough times, but it has funny moments at times. Even the things that married couples argue about are sometimes silly. The important thing to remember is that when you and your spouse argue, you want to come together and resolve the small issues in a mature way. This might include compromising, apologizing, and asking for forgiveness at the end of the day. Here are 20 silly things that married couples argue about.

20. Delaying Home Improvement Projects

You want your spouse to work on necessary home improvement projects, but he delays them until he feels like doing them. You can sit with your spouse and talk about the urgency of certain projects so that you might motivate him to get started. However, constant nagging won’t resolve the problem.