Fun Summer Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids to Share

Summer is the perfect time to get grandparents together with their grandchildren for some fun summer activities. Even if G’Ma and G’Pa aren’t up to a softball game, there are other summer activities that we’re sure they’ll enjoy together. We’ve gathered 6 ideas to get you started. No doubt your family can think up many more!

If mobility is an issue, discuss this with your parents and your children beforehand. Whether it’s a ride to the zoo and back or just an arm to lean on at the park, there are ways you and your children can make outings safe and comfortable for G’Ma and G’Pa. Fun outings with the grandkids might even help you (finally!) talk them into that cane or walker their doctor recommended.

Now, on to the fun summer activities!

Fun Summer Activites for Grandparents and Grandkids

1) Create a Fun Tote Bag

Of course, outings require proper preparation. Create a fun tote bag for stashing sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, hand wipes, tissues, and a BAND-AID® or two. The kids can take turns carrying their colorful creation. You can buy a blank canvas tote bag at any craft store and there’s plenty of inspiration online.

2) Bubble Spree!

Have a bubble spree! Kids and bubbles go together like butter and popcorn. Add a grandparent or two and the popcorn mixture just got seasoned! Dollar stores usually have bottles of bubbles with wands or the group can make their own bubble solution and wands.

Tip: You can find small bottles of glycerin at any craft store that sells cake decorating supplies. Look for a weekly coupon to save 40% or more!

3) Technology Lessons

If your kids are typical, they just can’t live without electronics. So, have them show G’Ma or G’Pa how to do something electronically. The kids will get their electronics ‘fix’, their grandparents will learn something new, and they’ll probably all have fits of giggles during the process. What could be better? As an added incentive, have them try playing a favorite video game together afterward. Warning – we’re predicting more giggles!

4) Visit the Zoo

Summer is the perfect time to visit a zoo as a family. All of the adorable baby animals born in spring are now on exhibit. Enjoy a picnic lunch afterward while you talk about everyone’s favorite animal, the cutest baby animals, the funniest thing anyone saw an animal do… As a family, discuss how much zoos have changed since the grandparents were children.

A picnic lunch prepared together as a family, with each family member helping with some part of it, just adds to the enjoyment of the day. Since teachers typically ask their students to write about something they did ‘last summer’, this is a great memory-making activity that can even help your children in school next fall!

5) Scavenger Hunt

Grandparents can devise a scavenger hunt for things the grandkids might find or see in the yard: a bird, a squirrel, a butterfly, ants, a dead leaf, flowers, a blooming tree… They can add extras if the hunt is taking place at the local park. Maybe a swing, slide, water fountain, person walking a dog, etc. They can give each grandchild their own list of things to find with check-off boxes. Simple line drawings can help the younger grandchildren who can’t read yet.

6) Bake a Yummy Treat!

Rainy days are perfect for baking with the grandkids. Your parents will be giving them a gift they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Many professional chefs credit time cooking or baking with a grandparent as the impetus for their career. Try these easy and delicious gluten-free peanut butter cookies. It’s important to use natural peanut butter (without added sugar), otherwise the cookies will be too sweet. Substituting brown sugar for the white makes them even yummier!

We’ve listed 6 fun summer activities. How many more can your parents and their grandchildren discover?

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