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20 Family Games to Level-Up Your Game Nights

Do your kids spend too much time on their screens? Do they always talk about how bored they are on weekends? If this sounds like your family, then it’s time to break out some fun games this spring and summer. The good thing about these games is that they build your analytical and critical thinking skills. The kids learn how to take turns with each other, and the fun lasts for hours. Here are twenty amazing games that you’ll enjoy.

20. Family Feud at Home

If you love the TV show Family Feud, you can replicate it at home.

Start by preparing five to ten surveys, and then you ask each family member the survey questions. You would then create answer sheets with the most popular survey answers to the questions. Set up the board by writing your answers but place tape on them until after everyone guesses them. You can give the winning team small prizes.