10 Ways Having a Narcissist Parent Plays Out for Adult Children

“Narcissist” is a term you hear a lot, usually applied to a boss, a politician, or spouse. But what if your parent was narcissistic? That can have lasting effects you may not even be aware of until well into adulthood. Here are 10 ways being brought up by a narcissistic parent impacts a person:   … Read more

Are You Drinking Too Much Coffee? A New Study Might Surprise You

Many people all over the world wouldn’t be able to get through the day without a morning or afternoon cup of coffee. It gives you that little boost of energy you need to keep pushing until the end of the day. While it’s not uncommon for some to drink multiple cups throughout the day to … Read more

25 Ways to Prepare Your Kindergartner for Summer

One of the major milestones of a child’s life is when they enter kindergarten. You can use the summer months as a time to ensure that your little one gets off to a great start. One idea is to bring your child with you on a tour of the school he’ll attend to get an … Read more

5 Simple Strategies for Surviving the Homework Battlefield

If you have kids in school, you’ve been there. The family schedule is already packed with extra-curricular activities. Perhaps your boss has doubled your workload and the laundry basket is piled high. You hoped to spend some quality time with your child until you learn their teacher has assigned homework that’s due the next day. … Read more

mom and child smiling and having fun during the summer

5 Educational Games to Help Children Learn Even When School’s Out

There are several school breaks throughout the year. Unfortunately, many elementary school children see school vacation as a time to have fun and not worry about schoolwork. But practicing those important skills during breaks can ensure that your children are where they need to be academically when the new school year starts. And one of … Read more

young girl working in a greenhouse for her summertime job

10 Rewarding Summertime Jobs for Girls

In 2017, nearly 59 percent of girls held summer jobs, representing an increase from 2016. And this figure is expected to continue to rise in 2018 as more girls seek seasonal jobs. For many girls, a summertime job is more than just a way to pass the time between school semesters. Nowadays, girls seek summer jobs … Read more