picture of a full suitcase being used for a vacation
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How to Downsize Your Suitcase When You Travel

We have all seen that person in the airport —┬áthe one with a huge tote on one shoulder, a backpack slung over the other, and in each hand, one gigantic suitcase dragging behind them. Not only does this look horrendously cumbersome, but imagine the back aches! And the idea of spending any of travel time waiting at the luggage carousel is not what anyone has in mind for their vacation! Some trips warrant that kind of luggage, such as moving cross-country. Relocating all of your worldly possessions rarely fits into one cute little carry-on suitcase. But generally...

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young couple painting walls in their house during a home makeover
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8 Easy and Inexpensive Tips for Your Next Home Makeover

Ready for a new look in your home? A home makeover doesn’t have to blow your budget. Updating and brightening up your favorite room can be easier and less expensive than you think. Here are eight easy and inexpensive tips for your next home makeover: 1. Go for Groupings You don’t have to buy new stuff to update your decor. Just look around your house! Create groupings by gathering similar items together. You can display them on any flat surface–bookshelves, tables, vanities, or dressers. Change them regularly to keep things interesting. You can even use...

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