How to Buy Healthy Groceries and Save Money at the Same Time

Buying affordable groceries doesn’t have to mean forgoing good nutrition or giving up on health-conscious preferences such as choosing organic products. With these five tips, you can buy healthy groceries and save money at the same time. Why sacrifice your fitness when you can use these ideas to make the most of your money?


  1. Switch Where You Shop

Check discount stores for organic products that cost significantly less than grocery stores. Drugstores carry more healthy snacks in order to attract choosy customers. These items are often less expensive than the grocery store, especially when on sale. Some stores even have their own home brand of organic products now. For instance, a popular drug store chain now carries its own organic snacks, such as trail mix and cookies.

  1. Weigh Your Options

Thick-skinned produce like bananas, melons, and citrus fruits are safe, even if they’re not organic. In fact, you can remove the pesticides when you remove their skin. If you like organic packaged food, visit product websites and Facebook pages for coupons. Pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef, and meats without antibiotics or hormones are healthier options, but they are more budget-friendly than going all-organic.

  1. Bigger is Better

Find out if your usual store will give you a discount if you buy a whole case of something. Buy larger packages of baking supplies at online retailers for less than grocery stores. Buy bulk grains and nuts and store in a tightly closed jar at room temperature for six months. You can freeze other bulk items that you may not think of freezing. For instance, you can freeze a large batch of brown rice for up to a year.

  1. Pick the Right Produce

Ask your store’s manager when new produce will be coming in. They may mark down what’s on the shelf right before, so time your shopping accordingly. They may also sell oddly shaped or blemished produce at a price-cut. Stock up and freeze staples when things you like are on sale.

Or, buy frozen to start with like frozen fruit and veggies. They cost about half as much as fresh produce, but they are still just as nutritious. In fact, the nutrients are locked in during freezing.

  1. Pare Down Your Protein Costs

Eggs are a good protein source, and they are high in nutrition value because they have all the amino acids. Use them as the protein source in your meals, and you’ll only spend about 30 cents a serving. Or, go vegetarian a few times a week, as meat is often the most expensive part of any recipe. If you use meat, choose lean meats. They are a good choice because they have more protein and less fat, giving you more bang for your buck.

Yes, you can buy healthy groceries and save money at the same time with these tips. No longer do you have to sacrifice great food just because of your budget.

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