Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the 2019 Holiday Season

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Having the best Christmas sweater for the holiday season is a MUST. Whether you wear it to work, school, holiday parties, or just out and about, there is a certain level of respect received for having the best ugly Christmas sweater. Here are the best ugly Christmas sweaters for the 2019 holiday season.

Rolling Stones

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This sweater with the Iconic Rolling Stones lips and tongue is a sure winner when it comes to holiday sweaters. It’s edgy enough without taking it too far. Everyone will recognize and love this ugly sweater instantly.


Home Alone Filthy Animal

Home Alone is one of the most famous Christmas movies ever made. This “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” sweater is probably the best quote possible to take from the movie.


Tinsel Tree

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If an ugly Christmas sweater can try to be cute, this tinsel tree sweater takes the cake. Sometimes it’s good to change it up and instead of going ugly, sprinkle some cuteness on that sweater.


The Beatles Abbey Road

For the avid Beatles fan, look no farther, the perfect Beatles sweater is right here. It’s a clever holiday spin on the most well known Beatles album cover ever, Abbey Road.


Dwight Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Office humor is undeniable and this “I’m Dreaming of a Dwight Christmas” ugly sweater is nothing short of the perfect reference to the show. This sweater is sure to get thumbs-up approval.


3D Moose Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters don’t have to be just normal sweaters, make them even uglier with a 3D stuffed animal moose sticking out. Good luck finding any sweater uglier than this one.


Light-Up Fragile Leg Lamp A Christmas Story

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

As if a 3D moose wasn’t ugly enough, this Fragile Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story that lights up is an instant classic. The combination of the A Christmas Story reference and the lights is enough to win an ugly sweater competition.


Flashing Light Snowman Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you like the lights but the previous sweater was a tad too ugly, this flashing light snowman sweater is perfect. With a touch of cuteness, this is perfect for holiday parties.


Dr. Seuss I <3 XMAS

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This list of Christmas sweaters wouldn’t be complete without a touch of Dr. Seuss. This I <3 XMAS sweater with Dr. Seuss illustrations is as good as they get.


Elf Ride On

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If ugly Christmas sweaters just aren’t your thing, your answer is right here. This piggyback ride elf costume is perfect for that holiday party. Besides, who said Halloween is the only holiday you can wear costumes on?


Happy Holidays! XOXO

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