6 Sage and Time-Tested Tips to Help Children Deal with Death

As a parent, you want to protect your children from the harsh realities of life for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to do that. Sometimes the death of a pet, family member or close friend occurs well before you believe your children are ready to deal with it. And sadly, there … Read more

20 Amazing Historical Photos That Might Make You Look At The Past Differently

History is marked with iconic moments, and with the development of the camera came the immortalization of some of the most incredible instances humanity has seen. From the humorous, to the breathtaking, to the devastating, this is a list of twenty of the most thought provoking photos from throughout history.   Small Children Operate Machinery During the … Read more

12 Meme Costumes for Halloween or Any Costume Party This Year

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How to Avoid Disordered Eating in Your Kid’s Future

Children develop disordered eating problems because of stress and abuse, as well as messages in the media about appearance. Disordered eating includes problems such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating. Children and teenagers with disordered eating patterns categorize food as good or safe vs. dangerous and bad. However, by using the following parenting … Read more

10 Air Purifying Plants to Clean-up Toxins in the Home and Garden

Plants and gardens bring our senses alive with beautiful colors and aromas. But did you know all plants safeguard the air you breathe by removing toxins and dangerous invisible particles in the environment? So, air purifying plants play important roles in everyone’s life because they are excellent for our health. Also, houseplants enhance the environment … Read more

9 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Your Stress, Too

Life can be hectic and full of stress with work, school, family, or whatever you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. As such, it’s essential to simplify the way you live as much as possible to ease all those tensions. Many methods exist, so the more of them you can implement in your life, the … Read more

6 Baby Ailments and How to Best Handle Them

  As parents we never rest easy when our baby’s are sick. During the first year, its likely your baby will experience some (if not all!) of these six conditions during that first year. But don’t worry. We are here to help. Fortunately, you can relieve your baby’s discomfort and treat some of the symptoms. … Read more

Protect Your Family: Is Your Home Free of Lead?

Is your home free of lead? This is an important question for every homeowner and parent. With so many recalls on children’s toys and other items, parents must take inventory in their homes. In fact, thousands of children and adults are accidentally poisoned by lead each year. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports … Read more

girl enjoying bench she built as a home improvement project

Home Improvement Project: Spice Up Your Yard With a DIY Brick Bench

Segmenting your yard does a lot to help improve its appeal. Small lots can look bigger and more functional if you devote key floor space to different uses, and large yards can look amazing if you designate separate patio, cooking, play, and gardening areas. Many times, people break up their yards by using different flooring to mark … Read more

mother and daughter working together and cleaning the bathroom

Save Time and Money Cleaning the Bathroom

Let’s face it: cleaning the bathroom is no one’s favorite task. And we definitely don’t want to spend more time and money than we have to! Check out these tips to quickly clean the bathroom without having to buy new cleaning supplies! Make Cleaning the Bathroom Less of a Hassel! Cleaning the Sink and Faucet … Read more