Valentine’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love that Won’t Break the Kid’s Bank

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With Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, finding Mom the right gift can seem like a daunting task. To help take the worry out of the shopping process, here is a lovely shortlist of some cute gifts to get the creative juices flowing. These are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love that Won’t Break the Kid’s Bank.

So, Moms, share this list with your kids or treat yourself! 😉

1. Surprise mom with her Birthstone Necklace

Mom may have a bunch of nice jewelry already but nothing beats something precious from the kids. This particular necklace features a birthstone for each child along with that child’s initial. Multiple stones can be added for more children.

2. This Personalized Book will melt mom’s heart for sure!

There is nothing sweeter than a personalized journal from someone you love detailing all the ways that they love you. This one is the perfect gift for a child to fill in and give to Mom for Valentine’s Day.

3. Mom does so much to keep the family together, treat her with these Tokens of My Love

If Mom is even remotely the coupon type, this cute collection of 24 redeemable coupons is just the thing for her. They are small, token-shaped and range from a picnic in the park to brunch with mimosas. There are two blank tokens to create your own IOU.

4. Every mom has a sweet tooth, Chocolate is perfect for Valentine’s day!

Just about any chocolate will do but to really treat her right, get her a box of delicious assorted chocolate. This way, she can try new chocolates she normally wouldn’t and she might just share with you too.

5. This Tasty Cookbook with recipes for mom’s guilty pleasures in the kitchen

Some moms really enjoy cooking and want to try new recipes. If that sounds like your Mom, then you can’t go wrong a shiny new cookbook. The best part is that she will need a taste-tester to try out her new culinary creations.

6. Surprise mom with art supplies for decorating things around the house

If Mom has a hobby or two, why not fuel those interests? Fill a basket with new balls of yarn, a pattern book and new needles for the knitter or stuff a mason jar with seed packets and a new pair of gardening gloves. If she’s into scrapbooking or journaling, you can’t go wrong with stickers.

And, of course, don’t forget to get her a card and tell her that you love her. Get moving with these Valentine’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love that Won’t Break the Kid’s Bank, Feb, 14th is almost here!

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