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The Purrfect Gift Guide for Pet Lovers on Etsy

Fetching the purrfect gift for pet parents can be tricky. Luckily, Etsy has a few new tricks up its sleeve with creative, artisan gifts for pet lovers that are sure to have everyone’s tail wagging. Browse our hand-picked selection of the best (and cutest) items for dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles, and, of course, the humans that love them. The top ten pet lover gifts of the season are here and ready to delight.

The Purrfect Gift Guide for Pet Lovers on Etsy

Now, on to the pet stuff!

1. Custom Cat Mug

Cozy up with this adorable watercolor cat mug, a holiday movie, and a delicious hot cocoa mix. No cat lover gift list is complete without a personalized mug of your feline friend. Mugs can be customized with a photo and even personalized text. Disclaimer: the seller is not responsible for cats knocking the mug off countertops.

2. Pet All the Dogs

This hilariously snarky candle invites holiday guests to pet your dog or leave. After all, isn’t the true reason for the season plenty of belly rubs?  Dog lovers are sure to get a few laughs when displaying this otherwise quaint seeming candle. Best of all, these candles smell great and are a good gift idea for supporting small businesses this Christmas.

3. Mask Up in Style

Is anything better than a custom pet mask? Now you can stay safe in style by taking your best furry friend with you wherever you go. This item and others on our list ship for free from now until December 31st!

4. Cat Petting Guide T-shirt

Practical and humorous, this gift not only saves hands from being scratched, but a quirky, fun T-shirt is sure to save Christmas too! The super-soft, high-quality cotton features a handy cat petting chart, expertly highlight danger zones, and proudly proclaim the wearer a true feline aficionado.

P.S. this is our favorite of the pet gifts on etsy!

5. Twilight Bunny Necklace

If there’s a rabbit lover in your heart, then look no farther than delicate, artisan jewelry for every bunny on your nice list. Crafted with sterling silver and 18ct gold, the unique twilight bunny pendant features an intricate design that’s both ethereal and sophisticated.

6. Bearded Dragon Sweater

Humans aren’t the only ones who love an ugly sweater party! Get in the spirit with this hand-knit bearded dragon sweater for the lizard lover in your life. Sweaters come in a variety of colors and designs, custom fit with soft, cotton yarn for maximum comfort.

7. Pet Portrait Ornament

A rustic, wooden design pulls together the cozy aesthetic of a custom pet portrait ornament. If you’re looking for artsy gifts, handmade treasures, and timeless holiday keepsakes, this ornament is a must. Sure to make any pet the star of the Christmas tree. Not guaranteed to keep them from knocking the tree down, however.

8. Personalized Toy Tote

The new year is the perfect time to declutter! Help out your pet parent friends and family with cute, creative storage solutions. This personalized tote holds all of your best furry friend’s toys in one snuggly, safe bin. Ready for playtime, stylishly stored every other time.

9. Felt Cat Bed

We’re in love with the felt cat bed trend. Hand-knit with 100% pure wool, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly, felt cat beds are a great gift idea for crazy cat ladies (and gents). They also work well for small animals from bunnies to chinchillas.

10. Magical Moments

Furry the geeky gift list and the pet lovers’ gift list, this hilariously quirky custom Harry Potter pet portrait is the pick of the litter. Choose any pet photo to transform into a simply magical caricature. Obedience spell not included.

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