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Why Moms Should Attract Abundance

Are you stressed about money? Do your kids really need a new pair of shoes? Moms struggle with these concerns every day. As parents, we know that any missed paycheck due to injury, illness, or loss of employment will affect our budget. Any income loss will impact how much we spend on our kids. This is why Why Moms Should and must Attract Abundance.

However, a feeling that we are failing our kids because we must say no to things they want is counterproductive. A limiting statement constricts us by putting blinders on the possibilities for a successful day. As a mom, you have the power to shape your day with positive thoughts and actions.

Manage Financial Worries

There are many options that busy moms have when their disposable income seems scarce. Honestly, we can learn to do more with less, especially during difficult times, and still be great moms. Here are some other options:

  1. Cut expenses. Perhaps this is as simple as getting a cheaper cell phone or cable plan.
  2. Increase earnings by expanding what we do or by doing more of what we already do. Becoming more efficient with our time can help us earn more.
  3. Spend more time outdoors with our kids.
  4. Join an association like the YMCA, the community recreation center, or the worship center where kid-friendly activities are free or economical for families.
  5. Celebrate abundance.

How to Attract Abundance

You may not realize that you limit your family’s financial wellbeing with negative beliefs. When we wake up in the morning, negative thoughts or statements about what we cannot do today or what we don’t have enough time, energy, or money to enjoy will shape our day. This will also impact our children’s moods. This is Why Moms Should Attract Abundance.

For example, you could start this Saturday morning talking with your best friend about whether to attend the nearby carnival. After consulting your online banking app and realizing there’s not cash available for this activity, you start to worry. Quite responsibly, you decide not to put carnival ride tickets and food on your credit card, which leaves a couple of options. Tell the kids you can’t go or plan another activity.

Your best friend may take her kids anyway or join your alternate activity. It could be time to pack a picnic meal and go to the nearest state park or plan a sleepover with pizza and videos. It could be time to borrow cash from your parents, so you can take the kids to the carnival. Decide what’s best for your family.

Celebrate and Get What You Want

Starting your day with the belief that you can’t provide what your kids want will make the whole day more difficult. It’s time to sit by yourself for a few minutes and ponder how to attract abundance, especially by releasing negative thoughts. The time you spend telling yourself something can’t be done is time you could spend earning extra money or reducing costs. It could be time to buy a week’s load of groceries with coupons downloaded on your phone. When you spend less at the supermarket, you could suddenly find thirty bucks for the carnival.

Keep Your Kids Positive

Your children base their day on your mood and on their father’s mood. At school, they take cues from caregivers or teachers about what kind of day they will have. If you’re feeling stressed, they will feel stressed. If you act like there is not enough cash to enjoy the day, they will also feel a sense of lack.

The opposite mindset is celebrating what you have. If there is something your kids really need, make a plan for how to get it. Realizing that their wants don’t have to be met right now frees you up to celebrate this day off. If you’re content with what you will do based on the resources you presently have, your positive outlook will be contagious.

You can inspire the kids and anyone else around you to be content and celebrate all the possibilities of the day. Do an online search for abundance affirmations, videos, and books if you aren’t sure how to change a constricting mindset.

This is Why Moms Should Attract Abundance.