20 Unique Gifts for Books Lovers on Etsy

Paging all bibliophiles, calling all literature lovers. This list is for you. Give the bookworm in your life something special this holiday season. Check out these 20 Unique Gifts for Books Lovers on Etsy.

1. A great book and a cup of tea just fit together. It’s the epitome of cozy. Marry the two with these literary-inspired teas. With 60 classic authors to choose from and multiple tea flavors, this can be a highly personalized gift.

2. Personalized ornaments are the best, and this one is spot on for book lovers.

3. Flowers are a classic gift, and these beauties will never die! In fact, they will likely get better with age.

4. Any lover of books knows you can’t possibly have too many bookmarks.

5. Another classic comfort item, a candle, and one that acknowledges the strange truth we all know. Old bookstores smell strangely wonderful.

6. We’re not saying every reader loves a good, strong drink. But, don’t they? This literature rocks glass understands.

7. That saying “wrap yourself up in a good book.” Well, with this sweater, you actually can!

This is one of Online Mom’s favorite of these Gifts for Books Lovers.

8. Another great scarf, but this one gives a nod to the OG feminist, Mary Shelley.

9.  Simple gift idea. These book magnets are the perfect way to decorate the fridge, while also creatively showcasing favorite reads. They also come as pins.

10. Another great ornament, another great feminist author. This Handmaid’s Tale decoration is such a cute idea, with tons of detail and personality.

11. For the gothic literature lover in your life, this postcard set features beautiful art, interesting facts, and loads of creativity.

12. Unfortunately masks are currently a part of our daily lives, so we might as well make it fun. Plus, can anyone really say they don’t know at least one person who loves Harry Potter? Harry Potter face masks for the win.

13. A classic gift, everyone likes to get a new calendar for the new year.  This one features a new rare word and its definition each month, as well as a watercolor-style illustration.

This is one of Online Mom’s favorite of these Gifts for Books Lovers.

14. Another bookmark, because one can never have too many. This one is a vintage bronze and glass style, modeled after Pride and Prejudice. This eloquent little bookmark is perfect for a Jane Austen fan.

15. Speaking of 19th-century literature, these Jane Eyre earrings would make a beautiful gift. Designed as tiny birds and made with sterling silver, we want a pair too!

16. For the person who lives and breathes Edgar Allen Poe, these fingerless writing gloves feature beautiful artwork and are also comfy and warm. Plus, there’s just something fabulous about fingerless gloves that we’re totally here for.

17. If anything fits together more perfectly than books and tea, it’s probably books and coffee. This sweater states it quite simply and dramatically, with bold, white font. It’s also another gift guaranteed to be comfy and cozy.

18. Back to the topic of tea once again, we absolutely love this creative take. Perhaps for the sweetheart in your life, these tea vials resemble love potions and feature classic love stories. They come in different story options, and you can also buy them as a set to arrive with a tea infuser ball.

19. Much like bookmarks, one can never have too many tote bags. After all, they are the perfect vessel to carry more books! This tote is styled after Pride and Prejudice and includes beautiful artwork as well as a passage from the actual book.

20. Last but not least, we love this Harry Potter themed mug that’s designed for the mom who loves the wizarding world.

We hope you love these Gifts for Books Lovers that are bound to delight the literature lovers in your life. All available on Etsy, support small businesses and creativity this holiday season!

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