Adolescence Things Older Millennials or Gen-Xer’s Can Relate Too

Getting older can mean a lot of things but what is universally true is a need to look back on the nostalgia of our times. Who hasn’t said, “Back in the day [fill in with your favorite nostalgic phrase]”.  For me it was the early 90’s (Im not even gonna say how old I am). An era of pagers, fax machines, and The Spice Girls (god help us for that one). We have compiles a list of some of the greatest hits of the Millennial and Gen-X generations. Enjoy!

1. Having one or two Garbage Pail Kids cards that grossed you out so much you kept them at the bottom of a drawer:

2. Hoping that whenever they showed a Tootsie Pop commercial that it wasn’t the one with Mr. Owl — ’cause he was a pompous asshole:

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