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8 Good But Inexpensive Wines and Liquors You Can Buy at Trader Joe’s

Have you ever stressed about what cocktails to serve at a party? Since alcohol is literally a necessity for every adult function, you can’t throw an event without having an open bar. But how do you satisfy all of your guests without breaking the bank? Fortunately, Trader Joe’s has your back.


Tasty Tequila Blanca

Trader Joe’s

Did somebody say tequila? Whether you’re taking shots or making Tequila Sunrises, Trader Joe’s Tequila Blanca is the #1 liquor for your party. Not only is this smooth tequila perfect for margaritas, but it’s also fantastic when it’s served on the rocks (with a spritz of lime). Plus, who can beat the price tag of $19.99 for a whole bottle of fun? It gets better: Trader Joe’s Tequila Blanca is actually owned by a family in Jalisco, Mexico. That means that this legendary tequila recipe has been in the familia for more than 40 years. Not to mention it’s 80 proof!

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