7 Reasons We Love Shopping Online at Bloomingdale’s

Mercifully, gone are the days of schlepping our kids into department stores, waiting in long lines, worrying that a nap time meltdown will bring an abrupt end to our shopping excursion. Instead, we get to put on our favorite sweatpants, pour ourselves an adult beverage, and do our shopping from the couch after the kids are in bed. Bloomingdale’s is one of our absolute favorite places to shop online—read on to learn more about the 7 Reasons We Love Shopping Online at Bloomingdale’s.

You can visit their website at www.bloomingdales.com.

The brands you love in one convenient location

Bloomingdale’s is known for their incredible, extensive variety of reliable, quality brands. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you want to explore new brands, Bloomingdale’s has you covered. All their merchandise is organized intuitively on their site so you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, from your favorite perfume to new shoes for a special event.

Chat with in-store style experts online

Running stuck on style inspiration? Don’t worry. Bloomingdale’s in-store style experts are available to help you. You can even find style experts at specific stores—simply search by location to chat with a style expert at the brick-and-mortar Bloomingdale’s you prefer. Have a favorite consultant you’ve worked within the past? Search their name to get connected.

You can also filter by specialty. In addition to clothing and accessories, specialties also include makeup, fragrance, fine jewelry, and so much more. Style experts also specialize in petite or plus-size clothing in case you need assistance in either category, too.

Chat with a customer service representative any time if you have any questions about your shopping experience.

Effortless registries & gift-giving

It’s happened to all of us: life gets hectic, and you completely forget about your friend’s upcoming shower. Luckily, if they’re registered at Bloomingdale’s, you have nothing to worry about. You can search all registries online from home, and see exactly what gifts haven’t been purchased yet.

Even your friend isn’t registered at Bloomingdale’s, you will still be able to find the perfect gift. We love shopping for their newborn essentials guide for baby showers.

Making a registry of your own anytime soon? Bloomingdale’s has curated a registry checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. This is just one of the many reasons we love shopping online at Bloomingdale’s.

Perks for Loyallist rewards members

Not a Loyallist member yet? Girl, we hate to break it to you, but you’re missing out. Good news, though: you can sign up for free right now.

With Loyallist rewards, you earn points every single time you shop. You get at least one point per dollar spent, with double points on shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances every single day. At 5,000 points, you get to earn $25 in-store credit. During specific events, you earn double and triple points. You’ll also get an exclusive perk sent your email inbox every month.

Best yet? You get free shipping—no minimum—on every purchase, every day. While you can shop with a Bloomingdale’s Credit Card for even more perks, you definitely don’t have to in order to redeem all these dazzling benefits.

Excellent return policy

So many stores struggle to get returns right, but Bloomingdale’s isn’t one of them. With a receipt, nearly all items are eligible for return within 365 days of purchase for money back or store credit. Final Offer sale items can be returned within 30 days. A select group of items has special return policies, but Bloomingdale’s will still take care of you every step of the way. All online returns are free. That’s right: no stress, no hassle. Try on all the clothes you bought and send back whatever you don’t absolutely love.

Speedy in-store pickup

Need something as quickly as possible? Use the “pick up in-store” filter and select “pick up in-store” at checkout. Then, Bloomingdale’s will send an alert to your email when it’s ready to be picked up. Present your ID, get your items, and go: it’s that simple.

Bloomingdale’s online store makes it easy

Seriously: Bloomingdale’s cannot be beaten when it comes to selection, customer service, rewards, and easy returns. We always find everything we need (and so many pretty things we want) online. What’s stopping you? See what’s new.

So, there are 7 Reasons We Love Shopping Online at Bloomingdale’s, why do you?





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