5 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips You Can Use Today

Thanks to its many components, the kitchen seems like one of the toughest rooms to keep organized. However, this is a misconception. All it takes to organize the kitchen is a little time, patience and ingenuity. With these five mind-blowing kitchen organizing tips, soon your kitchen will sparkle.

  1. Kitchen Organizing 101: Condense Condiments to Free Up More Space

Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, so keeping them properly lined up on the refrigerator shelf can daunting. Eliminate this issue altogether by rehoming condiments into bottles that are all the same. Bottles such as these are inexpensive and are made for condiments. Also, they stack nicely side by side. Remember, when it comes to kitchen organizing, less bulk equals more space.

  1. Use That Vertical Space

If the kitchen lacks storage, use empty wall space and build up. Install floating shelves right over the backsplash. This is a perfect place to store seasonings, measuring cups, and other items that you need to quickly access while cooking.

  1. Utilize Under the Sink Storage Solutions

Underneath the kitchen sink doesn’t have to just be a place to store chemicals and cleaning products. Move the chemicals to a cabinet you can more easily lock up for young children. Then, take advantage of this wide cabinet for faster kitchen organizing. Use it as a place for glassware and dish towels, or perhaps kitchen “extras” such as paper towels, napkins and bibs.

  1. Find Homes for Oddly Shaped Items

Items with an odd shape, like cutting boards, cookie sheets and smaller appliances can be difficult to find a place for in the kitchen. Find a home for both in that cabinet above the refrigerator. By placing vertical slats in half the shelf, dividers are created for cookie sheets and cutting boards. On the other half, install sliding drawers for smaller, less-used appliances like the rice cooker and margarita machine.

  1. Rethink Your Drawers

Every home is guilty of the “junk drawer,” that one space where every member of the household tosses in whatever fits. Make this drawer a happier space but building custom dividers into it. A different-sized space for each individual item ensures that nothing gets lost in the back.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to make your kitchen look better. It can take an afternoon, or an entire weekend, depending on your goals. However, with these five kitchen organizing tips, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful, more usable space.

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