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25 Crazy Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Get ready to have your mind blown. It’s hard to believe that these 25 crazy facts that are stranger than fiction are even true. This world we live in never ceases to surprise us, and when we look back in history sometimes we find some crazy stuff that did. Some of these things seem like only ideas Hollywood could think up. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for these 25 Crazy Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction.

Check them out:

1. Some turtles can breathe through their butt

Mind-blowing, huh? The scientific term to describe the process is cloacal respiration. Basically, when some turtles hibernate they breathe through their butt as a way to endure cold winters.

2. For awhile toads were used as pregnancy tests

In Britain, yes there is a bunch of weird stuff happening there, pregnancy tests were done in an almost comical way. They sent a woman’s urine to a lab where it was injected into the toad. If the toad laid eggs a couple of hours later, the woman was pregnant.