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15 Celebrities You’re Thankful Aren’t Your Parents

15 Celebrities You’re Thankful Aren’t Your Parents
<h2>Heath Ledger</h2> Drugs claim the title of another potential parent. Ledger is renown for his incredible acting skills and is considered one of the best Jokers to this day. Like Moss, Ledger was too deep in the drug life to excel as a father.

You’d think being the child of an A-list celebrity would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, not all celebrity parents can juggle family life and fame. In fact, not all of them want to. It’s just so easy to get caught up in the limelight, forgetting you have a family waiting for you at home. From everything to drug use to abuse these parents biggest crime is failing their children.

Here’s a list of 15 celebrities we’re happy aren’t our parents.

Woody Allen

Remember when the news caught wind of Woody marrying his own step-daughter, Soon-Yi Previn? While it’s technically not incest, it’s certainly not something a father of the year would do. Soon-Yi stands by her husband of 20 years, but it doesn’t make the move any less creepy.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah gave up her chances at being a mother of the year when her daughter was only three-years-old. How? She brought along her along while searching for someone to film the sex tape that would put her on the porn map. To make matters worse, Farrah insisted on “taking a break” from motherhood a year later to focus on her career in the sex industry.rrrrrr

Kate Moss

Stunning model Kate Moss was too caught up living the fast life to be there for her daughter, Lila Grace. Moss was just too far down the cocaine rabbit hole to make good choices. She allowed her daughter to hang out with fellow druggies, got busted for possession, and even forgot her daughters third birthday!

Courtney Love

Ms. Love took her drug fiasco’s to the next level, ultimately being the worst role model for her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Drug addictions aside, Courtney used heroin while pregnant and has been accused of child abuse as well as theft of Frances’ money.

Michael Jackson

Unfortunately, the bad parenting that Michael was forced to endure had a long-lasting impact on his psyche. The unstable King of Pop has exhibited some strange parental behavior. The most infamous was when he held his son “Blanket” over a window ledge. It wasn’t just weird, it was reckless and child endangerment.

Jaid Barrymore

Jaid pushed Drew to be in Hollywood, similarly to Joe. She also dragged her grade-school-aged daughter to drug-filled parties, not wanting to miss a beat despite being a mom. Their relationship was so strained that once Drew reached the legal age she took her mom to court so she could be emancipated. As a testament to her own terrible parenting, Jaid stood behind her decision 100%.

Eddie Murphy

Everyone loves long-time comedian Eddie Murphy, or at least they did before he became a deadbeat dad. Murphy got Mel B aka “Scary Spice” pregnancy back in 2006. Instead of accepting the news he refused to take responsibility for his actions, not “fessing” up until a paternity test said otherwise. Even know Murphy shows no interest in his daughter, only being there in the form of child support payments.

Hulk Hogan

America’s beloved Hulk Logan along with his wife Linda tossed their children aside when they were going through a messy divorce. Hulk did Linda dirty by sleeping with one of their daughter’s friends. To get revenge Linda did the same. Clearly they had no regard for their children, only using their friends as a means to get back at each other.

Nadya Suleman

Suleman is best known as Octomom, the single mother to octuplets plus six other children. For one, having that many children without a means to care for them is questionable. Add to that welfare fraud and a career in pornography and you have a recipe for questionable parenting and all around bad choices.

Alec Baldwin

When Baldwin and Basinger were knee-deep in their divorce, they did anything but keep it quiet. The separation was a messy situation with accusations being thrown left and right. If it was just the two of them, it would be different but their kids took a backseat to the pissing contest. The bad parenting doesn’t end there. Baldwin also left a voicemail for his 11-year-old daughter berating her because she didn’t answer the phone. Imagine what it’s like if she actually does misstep.

Britney Spears

Everyone remembers Britney’s infamous break. While she’s managed to get back on track, things were really rough for the pop star while she was trying to raise her kids. A good deal of her bad decisions were caught on camera resulting in her losing custody of her sons in 2007. The charges — drug usage, neglect, and other inappropriate behavior such as not using a car seat.

John Gosselin

Gosselin simply couldn’t handle the fame, even with eight children at home. Instead of tending to them Gosselin opted to take MANY nights out on the town. With his new fame, he worked towards getting any and every woman he wanted. To make matters worse, he even trash-talked his wife from his high-horse. Clearly, the kids were the last thing on his mind.

Heath Ledger

Drugs claim the title of another potential parent. Ledger is renown for his incredible acting skills and is considered one of the best Jokers to this day. Like Moss, Ledger was too deep in the drug life to excel as a father.

Kate Gosselin

John isn’t the only one failing as a parent. Kate’s been charged with child abuse and has even admitted to some pretty disturbing behavior. According to the Kate Plus 8 star, she punished her 2-year-old son Collins by spanking him as hard as she possibly could. What was the crime? Spilling a bag of beans.

Joe Jackson

Talent manager Joe Jackson, the father of the Jackson 5, is known worldwide for his terrible behavior towards his children. The senior Jackson exhibited abusive and controlling behavior towards his kids to push them to be renown performers. The plan was to ride their coattails until the very end. The “father-figure” even tried to get his most famous son, Michael’s, money after his untimely death.


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