14 Coolest Ride-on Toys For Every Type of Little Driver

If you are looking for an electric motorized ride-on toy for your little one, Overstock.com has a great selection; here are 14 Coolest Ride-on Toys For Every Type of Little Driver.

1. Perfect for your young adventurer, this off-road truck is powered by a 12-volt battery and can run up to 45 minutes per charge. You can even pump in their favorite tunes using the MP3 input.

2. For little kids that love to spin, this spinning vehicle is the perfect fit. With just a push of a button, this fun ride-on toy starts spinning; the pedal moves it forward. Each charge provides up to 2 hours of ride-time.

3. Younger motorcycle enthusiasts will love this battery-powered motorcycle. It has three wheels for safety and is available in a variety of colors. This bike is easy to control and replays loaded music for a fun experience all around!

4. Let your little one ride in style with this stylish ride-on Masarati. Kids can operate the car with foot pedals, or adults can control the vehicle with the included remote control. Making this a realistic ride with locking doors, seat belts, light, and sound.

This is Online Mom’s favorite of the Coolest Ride-on Toys!

5. For kids over 8, this electric scooter is sure to be a hit. It has pneumatic tires, offering a more realistic ride. With a 24 volt battery, this scooter goes up to 10 mph, and one charge lasts about 40 minutes.

6. This pink and black ATV is perfect for the younger rider. And it has realistic sounds, like starting the engine, and lighting, making riding it even more fun. With two speeds as well as forward and reverse, this ATV will be a blast!

7. For the sporty driver-to-be, this yellow electric sports car is the perfect gift. The doors open uniquely, creating a realistic sporty experience. Also equipped with lights, the battery-operated car can be controlled remotely or by the driver.

This is Online Mom’s favorite of the Coolest Ride-on Toys!

8. Young off-road riders will love this electric jeep. Equipped with lights and sound and an adjustable seat belt, the rider can operate this vehicle, or an adult can remotely control the ride. With three speeds and a realistic look, this is one cool ride!

9. Perfect for the farmer-in-training, this motorized ride-on tractor with a trailer will inspire your little one in the yard.  It’s a great ride over grassland, asphalt, or brick.

10. For the little one who loves trucks, this motorized ride-on truck is a dream come true. With an upgraded 12 volt battery, riders will enjoy long playtime in this truck with realistic looks and sounds. Two-speed options provide safe fun too!

11. For the older off-road rider, this ATV is the perfect gift. The realistic grip-twist throttle controls the speed, while the pneumatic knobby tires add traction to the action. This is the ideal gift for beginner to intermediate riders.

12. The littlest riders will delight in riding this tractor. Ideal for indoor or outdoor, all they need is a smooth surface for transporting toys or dirt in the included trailer. Designed for the little ones, this is powered by a rechargeable 6-volt battery.

13. Give your little driver this cool kiddie roadster to cruise around in. This ride-on car is designed for little ones. It has safety features for safe play, including a 5-point safety harness and remote control for adults. Realistic lights make this a blast for small drivers!

14. Just for a young driver and their passenger, this deluxe ride-on toy will deliver tons of fun. Equipped with seat belts for two, this SUV has elevated suspension and wear-resistant tires for some light off-roading. So, the interior is realistic, with a light-up dash, as well as head and tail lights. Comes with remote control for adults.

So, which of the Coolest Ride-on Toys is your kid whipping into the new year on?

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