How to Exercise Comfortably with an Aching or Upset Stomach

Sometimes your body does not want to cooperate with your workout goals. You may feel tired when you need to feel pumped. Achy when you want to push yourself or have to work around an injury. Among the most frustrating situations is when your digestion turns against you. How should you Exercise Comfortably with an Aching or Upset Stomach?

Whether you had something less than ideal for lunch, you’re coming down with the flu, pregnant, or it’s that time of the month it can be tough to meet your workplace goals with an upset stomach.

Stomachache, nausea, excessive gurgling, and even sore core muscles can seriously get in the way of your workout routine. Everyday exercises that involve bouncing or flexing your abdomen are simply too uncomfortable (or nauseating) to pursue.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on burning calories or building strength altogether. Today, we’re here to share a few tips on how to get your daily exercise in even when your midsection is down for the count.

What Not to Do

When you’re determined to work out around an unhappy abdomen, the key is not to stress your midsection out too much. The good news is that by focusing on your limbs, there are plenty of ways to exercise around this problem. The key is to avoid doing anything that will further upset your already insides.

What you don’t want to do is any exercise that will stretch, compress, flex, or shake up your midsection. This means that you want to avoid anything that involves jumping, running, twisting, and curling.

Lie On Your Back

The number one way to exercise comfortably with an upset stomach or sore abdomen muscles is by lying flat on your back. Raise your legs so that your spine is flat on the floor and use a yoga mat or even a fluffy towel as a pad if it would make you more comfortable.

Almost anything you can do from this position is great for working out without moving your midsection at all.

From your back, you are free to work out your arms and legs as much as you want. Your stomach should be no worse for wear. You can also lie on your side to gain position and muscle variety without jostling your stomach.

Floor Exercises

  • Lifting Weights
  • Kicks
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Leg Lifts
  • Air Bicycles

Do Kicks with a Straight Back

Of course, you don’t have to lie on the floor to exercise comfortably. Many people would prefer to do their exercises standing up. Even when they’re not feeling well.

If this is you, then kicks have just become your new best friend. Kicks are a great way to get your blood pumping and strengthen important muscles for sports, stability, and overall health.

Normally, standing kicks rely on core muscles to keep your balance while one leg is off the ground. If this is not currently comfortable, brace yourself instead. Set yourself by a table, wall, or ballet barre so that you can keep your balance.

Then focus on kicks you can do solely from the waist down. Just like when laying down, keep your spine straight and your midsection will likely be unbothered.

Kick Variations

  • Front Kicks
  • Side Kick
  • Push Kick
  • Knee Lifts

Curls and Squats

There are also other ways to exercise that mostly leave your midsection alone while you work out the rest of your body. For people who exercise with weights, now is the right time to use them.

Best results will likely come from sitting down to do your weights. Focus on lighter weights with a higher number of reps. If your goal is cardio without shaking your stomach, fast curls and lifts are great. Squats are another approach that may work for you.

Doing squats correctly, with your back straight and only your legs moving, can work a lot like kicks. Squats a great deal of blood around for your health and muscle strength.

Having an upset stomach, sore core muscles, or even that time of the month doesn’t have to stop you from exercising. You can still build muscle strength, burn calories, and improve your circulation. Without jostling your belly or stressing tired core muscles.

With these exercises and the approaches they outline, you can still enjoy your daily workout. You’ll feel better as a result of achieving your exercise goals and getting your blood moving even if your stomach or abdomen is uncomfortable.

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