11 Warning Signs of Bad Hair Salons

Choosing the right hair salon is a difficult task. You need to trust the hairdresser. After all, you are putting your hair in a stranger’s hands, quite literally. Just in case you need help deciding on a hair salon, a hairdresser, salon manager, and design director recently shared 11 warning signs of improper salons. If you notice these red flags, it’s best to stay away from the salons.


They Have a Bad Website


In today’s age of social media and online marketing, businesses can’t afford to have a bad website. The website should explain the salon’s services, prices, and a portfolio of the stylists’ best work. Hairstylist and designer Yureesh Hooker further explained that professionals should understand that the salon’s website is the “window” into the salon, including offering an online portfolio. He adds, “The first thing to do is check out the virtual window and social media of stylists in the salon…Social media has become our portfolio now…Check it out, look at where you’re going.”


They Don’t Respond to Negative Feedback


The best salon managers learn from negative feedback and adapt their businesses according to the suggestions. But if a hair salon doesn’t respond to any negative feedback, that’s a red flag. Richard Ward Salon manager Gavin Hoare commented, “I’ve gained so much business because of my responses to good or bad reviews…As a manager, if we do something wrong or something in your experience doesn’t live up to expectation, I want to do everything in my power to change that.”

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