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Take Control Of Your Credit Score With This One App

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Credit scores can seem like a black box with so many unknowns. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are actually specific factors that affect your credit score. The good news is that these factors that affect credit score and are important when applying for a car or home loan are not a secret.

Fortunately, for those of us who don’t have time to piece together every important factor ourselves, a group of really smart people created a super easy to use service that does all the hard work for us, and it’s free. It’s called Credit Karma.

Credit Sesame is an essential tool if you want to take control of and improve your credit. Here are the 4 main ways Credit Sesame can help you take control of your credit.

Access Credit

The first step in taking control of your credit is being able to access it. Credit Sesame provides access to your credit report whenever you need it. They pull together your credit factors and score from the major credit reporting agencies and make it available for you on their well-designed website and convenient mobile app.

Understand Credit

Now that you have access to your credit report, Credit Sesame helps you interpret and understand your credit score and factors affecting it. Through a combination of useful charts and graphs, each of your credit factors is compared relative to your target.

Leverage Credit

With all your credit factors in one place, Credit Sesame goes one step further and helps you leverage your credit. With your credit report and their analysis of the credit factors, they then help you find the best credit cards, auto, and home loans that you will most likely get approved for with your personal situation.

Protect Credit

Last but not least, Credit Sesame can help you protect your credit and personal ID. If you know someone who has had to deal with the effects of getting their identity stolen, they can vouch for how important it is to protect your credit and ID. Credit Sesame allows you to monitor your credit and make sure if anything ends up on your report you didn’t do, you can take action immediately to fix it.

Without Credit Sesame, staying in control of and growing your credit is pretty hard. With Credit Sesame, it’s easy, it’s like having a personal credit specialist. Sign up here, it’s free!