3 Easy Ways to Cut Calories Without Actually Dieting

Staying fit and watching your weight can seem like an endless task, especially when you’re a busy mom. But the issue with most “diets” or weight loss programs is that they simply aren’t sustainable. But the best way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is to make small changes in your routine that you can sustain over the long term. And the easiest way to start is with the following three ways to cut calories without actually dieting.

  1. Learn to Love Black Coffee

Most people put lots of cream, flavorings and sugar in their coffee. While delicious, this adds a significant amount of calories to what is normally a zero-calorie morning treat. In fact, cutting the cream and sugar can save you between 20 and 150 calories per cup. But, if you can stomach black coffee, add one spoonful of sugar, which only has around 10 calories. Also, you can find a suitable sugar substitute, like stevia or Erythritol.

  1. Limit or Change Up Those Tempting Seconds

Many people have second helpings of dinner each evening because they don’t eat much during the day. Instead of grabbing a whole second plate, limit your second helpings to vegetables only. Or, opt for a small bowl of fruit as a dessert, instead. Depending on the meal, this could save you as many as 100 or more calories a day.

  1. Feed Your Cravings by Snacking Wisely

The most common snacks in America tend to be filled with sugar, salt, and empty calories. Think snack cakes, potato chips and even pretzels. While snacking can be healthy for you, these common treats serve no real nutritional purpose.

A better idea is to snack wisely. Choose a combination of low-calorie, nutritious treats like celery, bell peppers, or carrot sticks, and high-protein snacks like cheese sticks, nuts or protein shakes. They will keep you feeling full longer, while the first will not add unnecessary calories to your day.

These three small shifts in your habits can help to save a hundred or more calories each day. They won’t take up much of your time or effort, so if you’re a new or even a not-so-new mom, they are easy changes for you to make. And when you pair them with a light exercise routine or short walks, these tips can not only help you maintain a healthy weight yet assist you in losing those nagging extra pounds.

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