6 Reasons Couples Are Turning To Surrogacy

In 2010, approximately 12 to 13 American couples out of every 100 had some difficulties becoming pregnant. Somewhere around 6.1 million women living in the United States that were of childbearing ages of 15 to 44 reported difficulties either becoming pregnant, remaining pregnant or both which averages approximately 10 of every 100 American women.   Also recorded … Read more

Smart Yet Simple Tips for Bouncing Back to Work After Baby

Congratulations, you’re a mom. Perhaps you’ve got a job to go back to or have picked up a new one. And it’s coming right as you’ve bonded with your new baby who has been your priority for the past few months. So, while you’ve enjoyed your time as a new parent, you also have to … Read more

Parenting Advice: Debates to Hash Out Before the Baby is Born

It’s exciting to plan for a baby and listen to all the parenting advice from friends and family. But, it’s good to hash out any debates on parenting issues before the baby is born. Even if you already have children, you can revisit some of the parenting topics related to politics, religion, circumcision, discipline and … Read more