6 of the Top Kid-Friendly Things to See and Do in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities metro area is a modern location full of a variety of kid-friendly activities. And with their award-winning transportation system, it’s easy to get around. So here are six of the best places to enjoy with your kids in Minneapolis.

  1. The Mall of America

The Mall of America has tons of family-friendly activities. Visit Nickelodeon Universe, an indoor amusement park or an aquarium. There are dozens of stores for kids, such as Crayola, Lego and American Girl. It’s so huge, you could spend a weekend there and not see everything there is to see.

  1. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is the Twin Cities area’s largest free zoo. So spend an afternoon with the animals and learn about plants. Also, visit the park’s amusement park, all in one convenient location.

  1. Minnesota Orchestra

The Minnesota Orchestra offers a special concert series for children. So take your kids to one of Minneapolis’s professional orchestra’s Young People’s Concerts. It’s a thrilling experience that introduces elementary school children to classical music.

  1. Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company

Show your children the world of theatre by attending a performance by the Children’s Theatre Company. They produce high-quality productions performed by kids, for kids. And, it’s the only children’s theatre group to win a Tony award. And that makes Minneapolis one of America’s top children’s theatre companies.

  1. Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Minnesota Children’s Museum’s goal is to teach children a variety of educational concepts through play. The museum features a multitude of interactive exhibits to fuel your child’s imagination. Everyone is sure to have fun while learning something new at this museum.

  1. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is home to the city’s iconic statue of a giant spoon scooping a cherry. So, come see a variety of whimsical sculptures there. Children of all ages will enjoy this sculpture garden.

If you’re looking for a big city with plenty of family-friendly attractions, look no further than Minneapolis. There is something for everyone to see and do there. So, pack up your family and head to the Twin Cities metro area for an adventure.

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