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Why is Everyone Switching to Chewy?

If you’re like many pet owners, you might have heard about Chewy, the online pet supply store. It seems like more people switch to Chewy every day. The brand has earned a lot of trust and loyalty. But why is that?

For me, the switch was based on convenience. My cat developed kidney damage after a blood clot, and the vet wanted us to switch to a prescription renal diet to prevent further damage to his kidneys.  I initially purchased food directly from the vet; however, I had to look for alternate sources when they ran out.

Convenient and Affordable?

Enter Chewy. I’d heard of the website, and now was time to put it to the test. I was able to find the prescription food, enter my vet information, and check out Chewy contact the vet’s office to verify the prescription, which was saved to my Chewy account, and my order was soon on its way to me! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Switching to Chewy wasn’t just convenient. The online retailer’s prices were more affordable than purchasing directly from the vet, even more so if you subscribe to auto-delivery and save 5% on your orders. Being able to set up those recurring orders is a godsend for us pet owners. I never have to worry about running out of food because it always shows up on my doorstep on time. The only exception to this occurred at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when an influx of people began ordering more goods online.

Of course, as soon as one cat was stable and more easily managed, the other developed his own health problems. The vet diagnoses GI issues and recommended a limited ingredient, a novel protein diet. It was Chewy to the rescue again. Not only did the store have plenty of options, but customer service was glad to walk me through some options based on my needs.

No Need to Fret If Products Don’t Work For You

I purchased a few, having been reassured about their excellent refund policy: if something doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund. Chewy will tell you to keep the product or donate it to a local shelter or rescue. What a wonderful way to help more pets! Unfortunately, I had to do that several times before I found some options that my cat liked. As it turns out, he is a picky eater, but we hadn’t had to switch food before for me to find out.

While Chewy doesn’t carry the particular food that works best for us, the site does have other options. Plus, I could easily add one pet’s medication to and order with the other’s food (the prescription upload process was just as easy). Medication prices on Chewy are some of the best around, and I knew their formulas were safe for my cat.

Chewy Sets the Bar for Customer Service

I’ve now been using Chewy for about two years. Whenever I want to try new products, I head to their website first. Their selection and prices can’t be beaten, but it’s their customer service that has made so many people loyal. You might have heard how Chewy refunds customers when their pets pass on and sometimes even commissions portraits of those pets to send to their grieving owners. I’ve personally received multiple holiday cards from Chewy, addressed to my cats and me. Chewy’s staff will look up your pet names in your profile to reference if you need to contact them. Even their social media team is on the ball, responding to reviews and tags!

These small touches make a customer feel valued. Big box stores are convenient and often affordable, but that personal touch can be lost when dealing with large companies. Chewy remembers its small roots, even though PetSmart now owns it. They appreciate customers and love pets. It makes the hard times a bit easier and the happy times even better!

So, when are you switching to Chewy?