10 Mom Jeans We Love Right Now

Today’s mom jeans are not your moms’ jeans of the past. Not because mom wasn’t cool, in fact, she was WAY cooler than we ever gave her credit for. In the early 2000s mom jeans were so out, SNL did a whole skit on it. But recently mom jeans have undergone a fashion revival proving what moms knew all along: mom jeans are comfortable, versatile, and sexy!

What Are Mom Jeans?

While the SNL skit featured a woman wearing light-colored, high-waisted denim with an elastic waistband, this really doesn’t do them justice. They can be confused for boyfriend jeans because both offer a more relaxed look and feel compared to skinny jeans and a more traditional look than flares.

Mom jeans are thicker, nonstretch denim with a high waist. The leg is tapered which gives the jeans a relaxed, comfortable look. If you’re trying to figure out who wore them best, think no harder than the ladies from Friends, especially Rachel! This style of denim was incredibly popular in the late 80s and 90s.

Whether you’re already a mom or not, mom jeans should be a part of your wardrobe. To help you get started we’ve put together a list of the 10 mom jeans we love right now.

Mom Jeans from Old Navy

Old Navy offers one of the best collections of denim out there. We love them because they’ve got ladies of all leg lengths covered. While mom jeans typically fall right above the ankle, there is nothing worse than shopping to rock a trend if you’re above or below average height. These picks from Old Navy will give you the confidence to purchase and wear your new jeans proudly.

1. Extra High-Waisted Sky-Hi Straight Rigid Jeans

Fleur in love with traditional mom jeans. The waist of these jeans hits just above your belly button giving you an ultra high-waisted look. The medium blue wash pairs perfectly with a classic white t-shirt.

2. Extra High-Waisted Sky-Hi Straight Rigid Ripped Jeans

Featured in their signature color, Gwen, these jeans are perfect for play dates, trips to the farmer’s markets or dashing down to the local coffee shop. With small rips near the pocket and the perfect light-to-medium blue, you’ll be able to pair these jeans with a variety of different colored tops.

3. Extra-High Waisted Sky-Hi Rigid Raw-Edge Jeans

While the other variations of Old Navy’s extra-high waisted jeans feature tailored bottoms when unrolled, Lola leaves the hem au natural giving these jeans the trifecta: style, comfort, and a little fun.

4. High-Waisted O.G. Straight Ankle Jeans

These jeans offer all the benefits of a high-waisted, comfortable mom jean with a little extra tailoring through the leg. Stephanie gives us 90s vibes in all the best ways: light wash, straight leg, and the bum slimming benefits we all crave.

Mom Jeans at Target

Of course, Target has mom jeans! Did you ever doubt them?

5. Women’s High-Rise Distressed Wild Fable Light Wash

Ultra-light washed jeans remind us of summer, art projects, and oversized totes. Heavily distressed, Wild Fable™ has created a relaxed, fun-loving pant you will be able to wear all year long.

6. Wild Fable™ Medium Blue

With a distressed look through the leg and at the hem, these jeans have an edgy feel to them. We love how they can be worn with ankle boots!

Mom Jeans at Walmart

Walmart offers a variety of stylish and affordable mom jeans to choose from.

7. Yoke Front

These double yoke jeans feature a v-shaped on both the front and the back of the pants up near the waist. Unlike most that are made of stiffer denim, these high-rise jeans have a little stretch to them.

8. Jordache Vintage Cher High Rise

Ultra dark wash Jordache’s give a slim and long appearance to your legs. We love the subtle distressing at the pockets and the thick cuffing on the bottom.

9. No Boundaries Black Denim

No Boundaries offers a variety of shades, but we chose this pair because they were the only pair of black denim mom jeans we found. With distressing at the knees and the signature cuff we expect from this style, we love a colored alternative to the popular trend.

10. Go for Original

Levi Strauss & Co hails as the original creator when they began to introduce jeans for women in the 1930s. With a double yoke, long length design, and light wash, we can’t get enough of this homage to the classic.

Now, GO Shopping!

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