7 Too Cute to Pinch St. Patrick’s Day Outfits for Babies and Toddlers

St. Patricks Day is one of our favorite holidays because you don’t have to take any single part of it seriously. Just have fun, laugh with friends, and enjoy the luck of the Irish. If you are lucky you might even find a leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Check out these 7 Too Cute to Pinch St. Patrick’s Day Outfits for Babies and Toddlers to maximize the fun meter on the best Irish holiday ever.

1. Dress up your newborn lucky charm with this show-stopping, head-turning, cute green tutu, and gold bow fashion statement

You know the type, when she walks into the room all eyes are on her, this is the outfit for her.

2. St. Patrick’s Day just got a whole lot more dapper with this little bow tie button-down and trousers for your  little hipster to be

Be careful with this outfit, your baby might grow a beard and monopoly man mustache.


3.If the placement of that four-leaf clover isn’t funny enough then what is?

Perfect for your baby’s first St. Patrick’s day and a great set of pajamas every day after.

4. Do you know that little toddler who is always up to something? I put the “she” in shenanigans  is the perfect outfit for her

The green mini-skirt and bold honest statement on the shirt are show stoppers.

5. Cute little Lucky Mama and Lucky Girl matching t-shirts because matching is always better

Be honest, one of the main reasons you had a daughter was so you could wear matching t-shirts on holidays like this isn’t it?

6. The green ruffles and green clovers on this outfit are perfect for the whimsical toddler who you know is going to be dancing around all-day

Let her run free with this shirt-dress and pants that will withstand all the St. Patrick’s Day craziness.

7. This too cute to pinch baby clover outfit is perfect for baby cheeks that literally every parent wants to squeeze

Odds are everyone will still want to give a little cute pinch, trust us.

Which of these 7 Too Cute to Pinch St. Patrick’s Day Outfits for Babies and Toddlers are is your favorite?

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