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The 38 Most Addictive TV Shows Ever

‘Twin Peaks’ is Mind-Bending


David Lynch’s Twin Peaks follows special agent Dale Cooper to Washington state as he tries to solve the case of murdered teenager Laura Palmer. Expect to fall in love with Kyle MacLachlan in this dark, mind-bending TV show.


‘I Love Lucy’ is a Masterpiece

Wikimedia Commons

With Lucille Ball as Lucy, this adorable 1950s made America obsessed with Lucy’s comical relationship with her husband Ricky Ricardo (played by Desi Arnaz). Tons of wildly funny adventures ensue, including the whole tongue-twisting “Vitameatavegamin” episode. So good!


‘The Twilight Zone’ is a Trip

Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing quite like the OG Twilight Zone series. Even though there’s currently a remake of the show that stars Get Out’s Jordan Peele, it doesn’t measure up to Rod Sterling’s 1960’s original. But hey, we’re not complaining!

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