5 Reason We Love Jeans

Jean defines fashion, from everyday basics to luxury designers, they are woven into styles and expressive looks everywhere. We love jeans. There is something about the look of warn ripped denim and jean that creates mystery and invites curious eyes to wander.

Invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, denim jeans have been an essential piece in wardrobes since with no sign of leaving the scene. Jeans come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are 5 reasons we love jean:


Barbara High Rise Super Skinny Jean
Barbara High Rise Super Skinny Jean by Hudson

Be honest, don’t we all have our favorite skinny jeans that we probably wear more than we should? No worries, skinnies are the first reason we love jeans. Does any type of pant honestly look better than perfectly fitted skinny jeans?

Cropped and Baggy

Sloane Crop Baggy Jean
Sloane Crop Baggy Jean by Hudson

Sometimes your mood requires more attitude than skinny, that’s where cropped and baggy comes in. Cropped and baggy jeans are perfect on a day when you are feeling yourself to the maximum. Little bleach splashes here and there and it’s on! Just one of the many reasons we love denim and jean.


Lulu Skirt
Lulu Skirt by Hudson

Jean skirts are a must in our book. They definitely require some thought in what they will be paired with. If you are second-guessing your outfit, ask a friend for their opinion. It’s tough love, but better to work that jean skirt than not.


Gemma Short
Gemma Short by Hudson

Raise your hand if you love jean shorts? *everyone in our office raises their hands* Thought so! Do you? A few jean short options are a must. Perfect with casual tops and wearing over bikinis to get too and from the beach or pool, we love jean shorts.


Sloane Baggy Shortall
Sloane Baggy Shortall by Hudson

You really got to own it if you are going to rock overalls. Go for a simple t-shirt underneath and try leaving one shoulder unbuttoned and loose. Jean overalls really add diversity to your denim or jean style.

We love denim and jean, do you?

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