Why Self Care Is Vital in Motherhood

OK, I’ll admit it. It’s important to create  a “mindfulness in motherhood” self care routine. I’m the frazzled mom. I am the oversized sweatshirt with coffee stains on it, hair in a messy bun, phone in one hand, toddler in the other, type of mom. My routine is no routine, my workout is juggling everything all … Read more

Boost Your Guacamole Game With These 5 Recipes

With National Guacamole Day on the horizon, it is crucial to know all the neat and cool recipes there are involving avocados. Although, there are more than a dozen different recipes for guacamole — here are just a few that will make any company begging for more! National Guacamole Day is on September 16th, “the … Read more

5 Signs That A Loved One Is Going Through It

We have all struggled in one way or another. Life is not meant to be easy, because if it was it probably would be very boring. Challenges are what help raise us up, and help us achieve a better version of ourselves. One good thing to remember is when you reach rock bottom, the only … Read more

Surprising Facts About SPF and Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen has been something we’ve been made to do since we were little kids building sandcastles on the beach. It’s pretty common knowledge these days that sun protection is a must and we have to stay vigilant about it. From everything from cancer risks to early aging and skin damage, we know the negative … Read more

10 Ways Having a Narcissist Parent Plays Out for Adult Children

“Narcissist” is a term you hear a lot, usually applied to a boss, a politician, or spouse. But what if your parent was narcissistic? That can have lasting effects you may not even be aware of until well into adulthood. Here are 10 ways being brought up by a narcissistic parent impacts a person:   … Read more

6 Reasons Couples Are Turning To Surrogacy

In 2010, approximately 12 to 13 American couples out of every 100 had some difficulties becoming pregnant. Somewhere around 6.1 million women living in the United States that were of childbearing ages of 15 to 44 reported difficulties either becoming pregnant, remaining pregnant or both which averages approximately 10 of every 100 American women.   Also recorded … Read more

Are You Drinking Too Much Coffee? A New Study Might Surprise You

Many people all over the world wouldn’t be able to get through the day without a morning or afternoon cup of coffee. It gives you that little boost of energy you need to keep pushing until the end of the day. While it’s not uncommon for some to drink multiple cups throughout the day to … Read more

These Gluten-Free Pastas Have the Best Reviews on Amazon

Being diagnosed gluten-intolerant doesn’t have to be the end of the world — not when there are so many substitutes available! I know what you’re thinking. The quality of substitutes varies wildly, the taste just isn’t there, etc. I get it. That’s why we turned to Amazon to comb user reviews so you can find … Read more

15 Superfoods to Supercharge a Healthier Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a healthier approach to your eating habits, you should consider superfoods. These foods contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and this means a better body and mind for you. You can even purchase many of these superfoods on a tight budget. Take advantage of weekly sales and buy those items … Read more