4 Amazon Finds that Improved Our Home Kitchen Workflow

For some people, shopping online is something you do when you can’t find the right stuff in-store. However, in the wake of recent events, the entire nation is seeing things a new way. Shopping and ordering online has become a way of life and our primary mode for staying safe while continuing to acquire household essentials. These are 4 Amazon Finds that Improved Our Home Kitchen Workflow.

Amazon has been critical in helping us find all the things we need. We can usually find the right part, tool, or piece of furniture needed for or next household project. But the best finds are always the ones that transform our normal everyday workflow for the better. Especially in the kitchen. Sometimes you find a product that is so perfect for your workflow that you wonder how you ever did without it.

Today, we’re sharing the four most recent Amazon finds that have most improved our home kitchen workflow. You might be surprised how simple they really are.

The Mondo-Toaster

Have you ever wanted to toast more than two pieces of bread at a time? Ever wanted to toast a hamburger bun really quick, or a thick slice of cut French bread, or a giant piece of Texas toast? In our house, we love a good “bread party” and don’t always want to fool with the oven for warm carbs. Finding the mondo-toaster was a real treasure.

The HoLife (yes, we laughed) 4-slice long-slot toaster is all it claims to be The toast slots are extra wide and extra long for all your specialty bread toasting and family bread party needs. Just be careful, this thing is calibrated to scorch extra-thick bread, so set it very very close to 0 for most bread.

The Suction-Cup Dish Brushes

Dish brushes have a way of getting in the way. You know what I’m talking about. They fall in the sink, between the dishes, and drip on everything. Not anymore! Sometimes, you see an item on Amazon and wonder where it has been your whole life. Here is the answer to all your dish-brush struggles: Suction-cup dish brushes.

These Mr Siga dish brushes don’t even advertise their best feature in the title, the fact that you can suction them (upright!) to the rim of your sink and they will naturally drip. Both attractive and out-of-the-way you can use all three in the kitchen or –as we have– suction the extra two to each bathtub for quick shower cleaning!

These Square Spice Shaker Jars

I don’t know about you, but in our kitchen we have a lot of things to put in shakers. Sugar, for example, is way easier to deal with in a spice shaker than a paper bag or even a canister. We also put borax, our favorite household scrubbing powder, into shakers. One by the sink for dishes, one in the bathroom for callous management.

We discovered a while back that used spice shakers were useful for everything, but didn’t have enough. So we looked up these beautiful little square-shaped glass spice shakers. Not only are they attractive they also sit in a straight-line on the shelves, pack safely to move, and come with a two-sided plastic shaker cap under the metal lid.

The Turn’n’Tube Corner Shelf

Last but certainly not least, we always need more shelves in the kitchen for various on-demand items. The cabinets are never enough and, for shorter members of the household, stand-up shelves can be preferable. But where to put a shelf when you’ve only got small spaces? As it turns out (pardon the pun) we found the perfect awkward-corner shelf to turn tiny kitchen spaces into stacked storage.

Turn’n’Tube has been our favorite Amazon shelving solution for a while because the pieces are interchangeable between shelves. This curved-edge corner shelf looks amazing and is incredibly useful in a tight family kitchen.

What have you found online or in stores that has improved your home kitchen workflow? We’d love to hear about it and we look forward to sharing our next clever finds with you all.

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