15 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom from Old Navy

Moms mean everything to us and this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show them just how much we appreciate them. Mom is irreplaceable and this year you can make sure she knows that with the perfect gift. Here are 15 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom from Old Navy.

Gifts for the On-The-Go Mom

1. If your mom is always on the go and needs to pack a lunch with her, get her a Bento Box that comes with 2 sides that can be used as plates, a divider in the middle, and a rubber band to hold the box together.

2. She may also need a reusable cutlery set to go with her Bento box. This set is compact and works well for taking lunch or dinner with her wherever she has to go.

3. Give mom a picnic blanket in blue tie-dye, olive green camo, or a red and blue checked pattern. She is sure to love this durable, lightweight blanket that will be easy to leave in her car and take out as needed.

Gifts for the Vacation Mom

4. As summer approaches, you know mom will want to head to the beach or the pool. Give her a terry cloth towel that she will love. This towel comes in eight different patterns and all are sure to wow!

5. A canvas tote to help mom carry her towel, snacks and book to lay on the beach or by the pool is a great gift for mom. Choose from multiple patterns to find just the right one to fit your mom’s personality.

This one of our favorites of the Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom!

6. You cannot go wrong with flip-flops! Mom will definitely need them to head to the pool on her next vacation. Old Navy has so many to choose from: faux-leather sandalsclassic flip flopsdouble strap slide sandals, and jelly slide sandals

7. Mom is going to need to shade her eyes from that bright summer sun. Get her some fun sunglasses in black or blush.

Gifts for the Fashionist Mom

8. Show mom she’s the best with a Super Mom t-shirt. She will enjoy showing off how much you love her!

9. Comfy shorts are an amazing gift for mom. She can lounge around the house in them or wear them out and about. Check out the different patterns, including tie-dye, camo, and more.

10. This time of year, the weather can be tricky. It could be cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. That’s where a vintage elbow sleeve sweatshirt could be the perfect thing for mom to wear right now.

11. Floral dresses are comfy, fun, and so feminine. Give mom a floral dress to brighten her Mother’s Day and many more days to come.

Gifts for the Fitness Mom

12. These super cute marbled leggings are amazing for the active mom. They have mesh over the calves, a high waist, and zipper pocket. Mom will love these!

13. Joggers are really popular and mom will definitely adore some cargo joggers. The soft material, multiple pockets, and many patterns will be a hit for your mom’s gift.

14. Staying active means that mom will need a sports bra too. Whether she is doing yoga and needs low support, or weight lifting where a medium support sports bra is best, or even running outdoors and needs a high support bra, Old Navy has all the options for mom.

15. It is always the sweetest to see a mom and daughter in matching sets! Old Navy has matching leggings for mom and little girls in such fun patterns!

Give mom all the love this Mother’s Day. You can definitely find something from this list of 15 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom. Remind her how much you appreciate and care for her with the perfect gift, just for her!

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