10 Comfy Outfit Ideas for Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers have a lot on their plate when it comes to preparing for their little bundles of joy to come into the world. Getting the nursery ready and coping with lifestyle changes are just a few of many things new moms are faced with. Adapting to the changes and preparing for the arrival can be overwhelming, so much that they often forget about their own wants and needs. Spoil that special someone who is expecting with these Comfy Outfit Ideas for Expecting Mothers.

Plaid Flannel Nightgown

Comfort is key when you are carrying the weight of another human. This nightgown is soft, stretchy, and easy to pull on and off (which is particularly ideal during the last trimester). Besides, what are the holidays without being gifted pajamas?

Work Dresses

For the moms who head back to the office after maternity leave, this nursing dress is stylish and convenient when it’s time to nurse or pump. Old Navy carries a plethora of maternity work dresses.

Date Night Dresses

We absolutely love this cheetah print tiered-hem dress, perfect for date night, lunch with the ladies, or wearing to a wedding. Here is another chic dress we just couldn’t resist sharing.

Casual Dresses

Dresses are a go-to for expecting mothers and Old Navy carries some of the most affordable ones out there, so we had to add a third category of dresses for gift ideas. They are versatile, easy to take on and off, and oh-so comfortable. This Bodycon Dress is so comfortable and great for wearing around the house or running errands.

Basic Long-Sleeve Tee’s

Any basic tee will go a long way in terms of styling different outfits. Old Navy has the best basics, including this V-Neck Long-Sleeve Tee. Wear it to the office with a black skirt for a more professional look or pair it with dark-wash jeans to stay casual. You can’t go wrong with a simple black, and boat-neck tops.

Trendy Blouses

Designers don’t cater to expecting mothers much, but thankfully we found some adorable blouses that expecting mothers will be excited to try on. We love this Bohemian eyelet top perfect for a summer lunch date.

Maternity Jeans

Thankfully, Old Navy carries these jeans which have been catered to women with growing bellies. The elastic waistband provides support and holds a comfortable stretch. Pair this with a casual basic tee or a flirty blouse. We won’t judge if you never take them off.

Compression Leggings

Carrying around the weight of a baby can be uncomfortable. These compression leggings help redistribute the weight to ease some discomfort in her back and belly. Wear them to the gym, around the house, or to the grocery store– they’ll go with anything.

Belted Overcoat

This is an outfit staple that women often don’t think about needing when expecting. Finding a coat is probably the last thing on their mind yet the most important when the weather turns cold and the ones you have don’t fit. You can’t beat the price of this trendy jacket and the comfort it brings with its stretch and adjustable waist ties.


For the moms who like to stay active during pregnancy, it can be hard to find the proper gear that supports and fits growing bellies. These tanks are great for working out in or simply being on-the-go.

Although it feels longer and sure is exhausting, nine months isn’t an ideal length of time to justify spending a ton of money on maternity clothing. From socks to winter coats, Old Navy has everything you need in one stop.

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